3d print glass 1

3D printing of glass is now possible

Making new glass objects will soon be just a print away.

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  • TH_chairmain_020705.jpg

    MACEF 2005: Seating for your Conscience

    February 10, 9:40 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    It's great to be running around all the time saving the planet, but at the end of the day, it's nice to have a place to just take a load off. And even better if your chair is designed with sustainability in mind. Once again, the designers who entered

  • TH_bagmain_020605.jpg

    MACEF 2005: Bags to Beautiful

    February 8, 8:50 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    "Paper or plastic" is a pretty loaded question; Either one you pick is just one more parcel of material filling up a landfill, dirtying a city, or choking a seabird. That is, if you don't reuse or recycle them. But there are more than enough reasons

  • brucesterlingsolarpack.jpg

    Johnny AppleLEED: Bruce Sterling's Review of the Voltaic Solar Backpack

    February 8, 7:29 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    I got my hands on the Voltaic Systems backpack. I have treated it with complete disrespect.

  • TH_glassmain_020605.jpg

    MACEF 2005: Glass with Class

    February 7, 3:34 PM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Glass gets an ambiguous score as far as environmental goodness goes. It may use more than its fair share of energy to make, but it is super durable, and recyclable at the end of its life. If you're buying quick, disposable votives, go with paper, but

  • TH_Washman_020505.jpg

    Washman Washer/Dryer by Jan Čapek and Kryštof Nosál

    February 7, 3:27 PM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Despite the growing appeal of good design to consumers and companies, some product areas have not yet felt the change. One of these has been laundry machinery. Since the 1940's, there have been new additions of computer controlled water usage,

  • dell_1.jpg

    Dell To Produce Low-Lead PC

    February 3, 4:44 PM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    This isn’t what you’d call a particularly sexy item, but it is pretty green, and that’s sexy enough for us. Dell, manufacturer of many, many computers, announced earlier this week that it has developed a new PC that reduces energy consumption (passive

  • economad.JPG

    COOL BUT UGLY: ECO-Nomad Combined Mechanical Utility Container

    February 3, 8:45 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    Reuses a shipping container—cool. Portable—great. Provides utilities to off-grid housing—fabulous. The ECO-Nomad offers water, heat, and electricity, plus has a biological water treatment facility built in (we figure it probably sings and dances, too).

  • powerfilm.jpg

    Powerfilm and ICP Mobile Solar Panels

    January 31, 2:04 PM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    After our recent post on Brunton mobile solar panels, reader Yogi wrote in to tell us about something he likes better. "Brunton's really somewhat on the expensive side financially and a bit feeble power-wise," he says. Here's what we found out

  • Aerocarbon.jpg

    AeroCarbon Car

    January 31, 7:33 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Costing over £2 million in research funds this wee beastie can reach speeds of 90mph (144kph) while getting by on the proverbial "smell of an oily rag" (just 100 mpg or 2.8 litres/100km). So what radical new engine and fuel system does this four

  • Cupkin_215x215.jpg

    Sondre Frost Urstad's Cupkin, a Recycling Unit for Fast Food Chains

    January 28, 12:01 PM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Sondre Frost Urstad developed Cupkin (cup + napkin) as a prototype, and received a Young Talent Award from the Norwegian Design Council in 2003, but since he brought it to our attention, we think it deserves a mention still today. What it is, is a

  • monterey book photo

    Aurora Solar Car Sets Another Record

    January 28, 8:42 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    Establishing world records, like that of the longest solar car journey (13,054 km or 8,111 miles) - around Australia in 24 days - is all in the game for the Aurora Solar Car team. So, we can belately advise you they have another first under their belt.

  • Last-Mile.jpg

    The Last Mile personal transport

    January 27, 7:34 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Jeremy Faludi may be one of those guys who squeezes 27 hours out of 24. Check his CV. When not writing for the always thought-provoking WorldChanging, he seems to be developing innovative, mould-breaking designs like this one. He describes The Last

  • corn2.jpg

    Fujitsu Develop Corn Computer (and other IT news)

    January 25, 4:12 AM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    We begin with Greenbiz who have a news story about Fujitisu developing a notebook computer, which is made from 50% corn starch. The new plastic is called a ‘polymer alloy’ blending, as it does, polylactic acid (PLA see Ingeo) and a non-crystalline

  • wind-up-phone-charger.jpg

    Wind-Up Charger

    January 24, 1:47 AM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    Disposable batteries bad. Rechargeable batteries good. Human-powered recharging of batteries excellent. Weighing only 90g (3oz) this wind-up charger, comes with adaptors to fit many models of mobile cell phones including Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola,

  • launderette.jpg

    EcoTip: Product Service Systems (PPS)

    January 20, 8:24 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    "Buy more stuff" exhorts the TV, radio, press and billboard advertising. It's a powerful force. Yet it can be countered with an alternative approach, that actually has definite self interest and gain. Want to save a truckload of money (and the

  • delicious-library.jpg

    Delicious Library - a Product Service System (PSS)

    January 20, 4:42 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    "Why would people buy when they could borrow?" * So asked massive online retailer, Amazon.com, when Delicious Monster asked if they would partner on a software program, with their recommendation engine. The application, called Delicious Library,

  • SolarRoll-digital-camera.jpg

    Brunton Solar Power for Personal Use

    January 18, 11:32 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    Whther you need to power up in the backcountry, or you’re an apartment dweller looking for alternative energy sources despite the inability to make permanent changes to your residence, the reliable outdoor gear gods at Brunton have appliances that can

  • snowmobile proto.jpg

    McGill University Electric Snowmobile

    January 18, 11:04 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Snow is that most secretive of the types of precipitation—silently falling through the trees and onto the ground where it dampens the noises made by tramping boots, swooshing skis, and tiny paws alike. Until the snowmobiles arrive, that is, tearing


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