Google Earth's revamp immerses users in scenic places around the world

The overhaul now includes the Voyager feature for deep exploration, not just satellite views.

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  • BioBac: Biodegradable Textile Coating

    BioBac: Biodegradable Textile Coating

    April 20, 11:03 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Interface Fabrics has announced what it is calling a breakthrough textile coating. Called BioBac, this new coating is made of 100% bio-based annually renewable materials designed to replace acrylic and rubber latex backing for upholstery, wall covering

  • Quarkhome by Rouven Haas

    Quarkhome by Rouven Haas

    April 20, 11:00 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    The Quarkhome is a house that you can fold up and take with you! Its a vision of transportable housing by Rouven Haas, a designer working out of Austria. It takes the idea of mobile housing to another level — the house is shaped like a nautilus and

  • Santa Rita Jail

    The Solar Powered Jail

    April 19, 9:23 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    One of largest solar electric systems in located in Alameda County, California — on top of their county jail. The solar electric system is exceeding expectations for peak demand reduction since the system went live over two years ago. While I feel

  • Mole.jpg

    NaturaLawn of America

    April 15, 8:51 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    This TreeHugger has been getting big glossy direct mail promotions on a weekly basis from NaturaLawn of America, promoting "A Safer, More Effective Solution". NaturaLawn home office has spent much effort defining and explaining what is meant by an

  • Models showing Organic LED Displays (OLED)

    Organic LED Displays (OLEDs)

    April 13, 12:26 PM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    Organic LEDs? Yes, they have made it to market in several devices now. OLEDs use a carbon-based designer molecule that emits light when an electric current passes through it. Conveniently, OLED displays can be produced in the same way an ink jet printer

  • ilog.jpg


    April 12, 9:32 AM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    We erred terribly in our coverage of the flip flap fleur. How could one watch it while listening to anything but an iLog? ::Owlproject via :: NearNearFuture

  • ibm fuel cell.jpg

    Methanol Fuel Cell for Computers

    April 11, 2:31 PM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    Right now its almost as big as the Thinkpad it is designed to power, but IBM and Sanyo have cooked up a methanol based fuel cell that will run a notebook for up to 8 hours. It is even compatible with existing Thinkpads, although probably will not be

  • Personal Power Charger

    Personal Power Charger

    April 8, 2:07 AM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    Well, wind-up phone chargers and wind-up flashlights have been seen on Treehugger previously. But this device, dubbed a "Personal Power Charger", is a wind-up radio, LED flashlight and a cell phone charger (for Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Nokia).

  • bbors.jpg

    PSS Handbags: Bag, Borrow or Steal

    April 6, 8:36 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Here's one more for us to add to our PSS (Product Service Systems) list so ladies, listen up. Think Netflix for this one. Have you dreamed about the new Hobo you want to show off at work? Yup. Loving that new kitschy beaded purse, perfect for your

  • green_planet_films.jpg

    Green Planet Films Online DVD Rental Library

    April 6, 8:08 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Movie rentals are one of the most successful product service systems going. But if you’re planning to check out Building with Awareness or another green-oriented film, Blockbuster probably ain’t gonna help much. That’s where Green Planet Films comes

  • TH_solarstyle_040405.jpg

    Solarstyle Solar Mini Messenger Bag

    April 4, 12:00 PM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    If your thirst for sun-driven laptops and mp3 players hasn't yet been quenched by Eclipse's bags, or Voltaic's pack, or if you're looking for something with a more minimal design, then Solarstyle may have your answer. Their shoulder-strap mini

  • bluecar-sideview.jpg

    Batscap Enhanced Car Batteries

    April 4, 11:00 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    There have been several enigmatic communiques in 2004 from Bollore, a multinational based in Quimper (West Brittany, France) specializing in polymer plastics and involved in lithium technology research. Promising a new era in electric battery

  • solar_panels.JPG

    Photovoltaic Economics Calculator - How Much Will Solar Cost Ya?

    March 24, 8:14 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    Toying with the idea of making the switch to photovoltaic power? Pull out your electric bill and plug it into Infinite Power’s PV Economics Calculator to find out how much cash solar energy would save you, with climate and other important factors taken

  • TH_respirator_032105.jpg

    Prototype: Hartmut Stockter's Plant Powered Respirator

    March 21, 8:39 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    You can tell a real treehugger by their eternal optimism about the future. But even the most upbeat sustaina-freak can feel like they're choking from lack of fresh air from time to time. Factories, cars, your own breathing, and even cows are

  • nanotubes_nr.jpg

    Alchemists at Work

    March 21, 7:51 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    The biggest knock against the hydrogen economy is that it is purely a front for the nuclear industry, needed to create the power to make the gas. Thus we started reading about nanotube technology using solar energy to create hydrogen from water with some

  • iGO power.jpg

    iGO Charger

    March 19, 9:28 AM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    The iGO charger is offered in several forms, all with the trademark swap-able output "tip". The transformer on all models, although typically sized, is expensive. The value of that expense is that each adapts easily to a great many electronic device

  • TH_ENV_031705.jpg

    Prototype: ENV Hydrogen Fuelcell Motorbike

    March 18, 8:27 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Intelligent Energy, a British hydrogen energy technology developer, unveiled their new ENV (Emissions neutral vehicle) motorcycle this week. The super-futuristic looking crotch rocket runs on compressed hydrogen gas, run through a fuel cell to power

  • TH_handipod_031005.jpg

    Prototype: Hand-Powered Ipod Shuffle

    March 16, 8:38 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    The way we see it two things are wrong with the world: People don't get nearly enough exercise. Personal electronics are generating larger and larger energy needs every year. There must be a way to solve these... Well, fret not crew. Philip


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