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Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics praises Apple, scolds Amazon

The organization scored the biggest gadget makers on their products' environmental records.

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  • TH_071305_eggwall.jpg

    Prototype: Eggshell House Breathes

    July 13, 8:33 AM by Dominic Muren in Clean Technology

    Here's a problem you probably never thought about: 250,000 tons of eggshell waste is produced annually worldwide by the food processing industry. Eggshells, being calcium carbonate, are a nice little carbon sink that keeps CO2 out of the atmosphere,

  • bob-solar-follow-01.jpg

    Follow Up: Bob's Solar Project

    July 13, 7:51 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Solar Technology

    A few weeks ago we wrote about Bob's Solar Project, a blog about an individual's do-it-yourself project of installing solar panels on his house. Back then, the installation wasn't completed, so a few questions were left hanging up in the air, but now

  • pzgeegoot.jpg

    Geegoot - Solar power to the ice cream people

    July 11, 8:30 AM by Petz Scholtus in Solar Technology

    Well this sturdy, no nonsense little number, might not be the fastest milk cart in the west, but it sure is a useful one. It is called a Geegoot and is designed by some good folks in Malaga, Spain. I am afraid I cannot enlighten you much further on the

  • TH_070705_fuelcell.jpg

    Prototype Cellphone Fuelcell Inches Closer To Production

    July 8, 11:30 AM by Dominic Muren in Clean Technology

    In the past few years, the cellphone has blossomed from being a phone/address book device to a full fledged video camera, audio player, cinema, notepad, and even television. Of course, with all this added kit comes a hefty electric bill, and Li-ion

  • wind-tur-01.JPG

    Month of Free Hosting at SustainableMarketing

    July 8, 7:05 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Gadgets

    Readers of TreeHugger have been offered a month of free wind-powered web-hosting at by Ivan Storck. If you are interested by the offer, all you have to do is use the coupon LUVTREES on checkout. We must use the usual caveat,

  • code-green-banner.jpg

    Code Green, And Others, Seeking Answers to E-waste

    July 7, 7:19 AM by Warren McLaren in Gadgets

    "Code-Green is a Berkeley-based non-profit that is studying the e-Waste problem and working to raise awareness of e-Waste and e-Recycling in the [San Francisco] Bay Area." Last month they released a report on their findings to date. In a study of

  • how0805hotspot_485xbody.jpg

    Hack your Voltaic Backpack into a WifI Hotspot

    July 6, 4:00 PM by Lloyd Alter in Solar Technology

    We love the Voltaic Backpack and we love blogging. Here is a hack that converts your pack into a mobile hotspot so that you "could use any Wi-Fi-enabled gadget anywhere you’ve got a cell signal. Play multiplayer games with friends in the park, or blog an

  • sunedison.jpg

    SunEdison: a Product Service System (PSS)

    July 4, 8:58 AM by Warren McLaren in Clean Technology

    Wanna to go solar but can't justify the up front cost? Has SunEdison got a deal for you! They pay for, install, own and operate solar panels and systems. They even handle the insurances. What they want from you, is just your roof space and your

  • Solar Ovens.gif

    Solar Cookers International's Ovens

    July 4, 7:10 AM by Paula Alvarado in Solar Technology

    Here are some more alternatives to cooking with the sun's heat featured by Solar Cookers International, which complement our Cook With The Sun post from a few weeks ago. First, the CooKit is a panel-style solar cooker convenient for home and camping.

  • briefcasea600.jpg

    Solar Laptop Charger

    July 2, 8:15 AM by Lloyd Alter in Solar Technology

    Treehugger Warren regrets that the Voltaic Backpack won't power his laptop-Perhaps this would help. Made more for the briefcase set rather than the backpacker, it opens to provide enough surface area to generate 13 watts, enough to power computers, hand

  • voltaic-combo.jpg

    New Solar Bags from Voltaic

    June 30, 12:19 PM by Warren McLaren in Solar Technology

    Voltaic solar bags and TreeHugger go way back. In fact, they both sort of grew up together, like kids living next door to one another. TH just recently passed the milestone of 2000 posts. Now it’s Voltaic’s turn for a celebration. Taking the technology

  • solarbrick.jpg

    Solarbrick Lights the Way

    June 28, 9:58 AM by Warren McLaren in Solar Technology

    Grab a bunch of light emitting diodes (LEDs) connect them to some solar panels and wrap them in some tough polycarbonate plastic and you get Solarbricks. Can be used like pavers in the ground, allowing 2 tonne trucks to drive over them. Or place them

  • Green Batteries

    Green Batteries: Battery FAQs

    June 27, 10:50 AM by Justin Thomas in Gadgets

    Which rechargeable batteries are the most effective? Will quick charging really harm a battery? What is the best battery charger? If lithium-ion rechargeable batteries hold the best charge, why can't you buy them in AA or AAA sizes? All these questions

  • Green Citizen

    Effective Electronic Recycling: Green Citizen

    June 24, 12:56 PM by Justin Thomas in Gadgets

    Green Citizen is a company in Palo Alto, California that specializes in recycling electronics — really thoroughly. They aim to be a one-stop shop for convenient, accountable and responsible electronics recycling. Ricky, a Treehugger reader, was

  • Citizen_Clock2.jpg

    E Ink Clock : About Time

    June 24, 7:53 AM by Tim McGee in Gadgets

    Electronic ink is an idea (E Ink is the company) that has been just a year away from major deployment for about 5 years now. The latest reincarnation of my E Ink fantasies has been floating around the net for a few days and I only heard about it today!

  • Blockbuster-logo.jpg

    Blockbuster - A Product Service System (PSS)

    June 24, 7:21 AM by Warren McLaren in Clean Technology

    It’s not that we are fond of megalithic multi-nationals but we wanted a vehicle to demonstrate two things. 1. that the ubiquitious POTS (person-on-the-street) has already embraced, albeit unknowingly, Product Service Systems (PSS) and 2. that there’s

  • TH_sunovenmain_062205.jpg

    Villager Sun Oven: Break Out The Big (Solar) Guns

    June 23, 8:30 AM by Dominic Muren in Solar Technology

    There are those of us who barbecue on Sundays, or bake bread for the week, or for a special occasion. And for most of us, our climate, and the extra hassle might make using a solar cooker just a little more of a project than we're prepared for. But,

  • palmcell.jpg

    Medis Technologies to Sell External "Palm Cell" for Mobile Phones

    June 23, 7:30 AM by John Laumer in Gadgets

    Medis Technologies announced that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with one of the largest mobile operators in the U.S., for the purposes of market testing and introduction to the market of Medis' fuel cell Power Packs as a secondary power


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