olive ridley sea turtle

Drones help scientists monitor endangered sea turtles

The drones revealed that the numbers for olive ridleys were higher than thought.

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  • Nat-Ur Cutlery Made From Cereplast

    Compostable Cutlery Made From Cereplast

    September 23, 12:33 PM by Justin Thomas in Clean Technology

    These utensils are composed of Cereplast, a biodegradable resin made from corn and potato starch. Cereplast actually qualifies as a "compostable" plastic, which means it composts more readily than "biodegradable" bioplastic (you can read more about the

  • rp_purse.jpg

    The Power Purse

    September 23, 11:54 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Solar Technology

    Joe Hynek, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering at Iowa State University, received second place at the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists design competition back in April for his creation of the Power Purse. He wanted to

  • bw-energy-01.jpg

    BusinessWeek Alternative Energy Special Report

    September 22, 8:35 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Solar Technology

    Alternative energy is moving another step toward the mainstream. BusinessWeek has an issue full of articles about solar, wind, hybrids, conservation, decentralized production, etc. With Rita bound to make oil and natural gas prices rise dramatically (we

  • e-cycle-logo.jpg

    E•Cycle Electronic Waste Recyclers

    September 20, 10:38 AM by Warren McLaren in Gadgets

    How about a company that takes its customers hiking, camping. mountain biking and kayaking to give them an appreciation of the natural environment? Or one that provides staff with clothing made from organic cotton or recycled materials? Or donates 1% of

  • peerflix.jpg

    A Product Service System: Peerflix

    September 20, 6:31 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Clean Technology

    Over the past year Netflix, and more recently Blockbuster, have both become so popular that almost everyone you talk to is signed up for their services. However, a new company called Peerflix might give them a good run for their money. Launched by two

  • fuelcell.jpg

    Fuel Cell Powered MP3 Player from Toshiba

    September 19, 3:19 PM by Lloyd Alter in Gadgets

    Fuel cells usually run on 30% concentrations of methanol but

  • public_proto1.JPG

    Make Your Own Air Quality Indicator

    September 18, 1:01 PM by Lloyd Alter in Gadgets

    Should you go for a run or hold your breath? This device takes air quality data from the internet and graphically shows air quality with LED displays. The designers hope it will be installed in public areas to encourage people to reduce pollution. Not

  • panasonic-green-tv.jpg

    Panasonic Wins Green TV of the Year Award

    September 16, 4:04 AM by Collin Dunn in Gadgets

    Panasonic has won the first ever EISA Green TV of the Year Award for 2005 and 2006. The winning 28-inch widescreen (model number TX-28PN1, for those of you keeping score at home) won because it shows how more efficient consumer electronics equipment can

  • inveneo-01.jpg

    Inveneo: Solar and Pedal-Powered Phones for Uganda

    September 14, 11:17 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Solar Technology

    Wired carries a very interesting story about a high-tech startup, Inveneo, that created a Voice Over IP system (VOIP is basically sending two-way voice signals with computers, mimicking the traditional phone system) that is adapted to the particular

  • smart-clothing.jpg

    Smart Clothing Mimics Pine Cones

    September 14, 3:41 AM by Collin Dunn in Clean Technology

    The University of Bath and the London College of Fashion are jointly researching biomimetic clothing (an idea whose virtues we've extolled before) that would function similarly to the system used by pine cones to open up and emit seeds. The clothing will

  • rks-green.jpg

    Pop Series by RKS Guitars

    September 9, 3:13 AM by Collin Dunn in Gadgets

    The Pop Series from RKS Guitar is an innovative, versatile instrument designed with sustainability in mind. The design strategy at RKS focused on addressing two main issues: their perceived lack of recent innovation in the guitar industry and the

  • emergency-shelters.jpg

    Zip-Shelter: Housing For Those Without

    September 9, 2:16 AM by Warren McLaren in Clean Technology

    A shame this design is only in the protoyping stage or its ‘rapidly deployable’ nature could be getting some real world field testing right now. Conceived by 5 professional designers in Germany, the Zip-Shelter has both sub zero and hot climate

  • solarforPSP.jpg

    Geeks Go Outside (maybe) - PSP Gets Solar

    September 8, 9:34 AM by Warren McLaren in Gadgets

    Although four hours of sunlight might be a bit too radical for many gamers, that how much sun juice this solar charger likes to get on board. Once that’s done it will recharge Sony’s PSP, a Nintendo DS or the GBA SP/GBA. Of course, any gamer worth their

  • Toyota i-unit Concept 2-mid.jpg

    Toyota's i-unit Personal Mobility Concept

    September 6, 12:27 PM by Justin Thomas in Clean Technology

    Woah, a Flash Gordon driving suit may be obligatory with this one. The "i-unit" is a "personal mobility" concept vehicle by Toyota. Specially created for the launch of EXPO 2005 in Aichi, to reflect the environmental theme. Toyota, perhaps straining for

  • pzlivework.jpg

    Green with Service Envy — The Live|Work and Streetcar Partnership.

    September 2, 4:20 AM by Petz Scholtus in Clean Technology

    These are the words from Live|Work a London based Design Studio who specialize in the

  • Readius-studio.jpg

    Readius Rollable Displays From Philips

    September 1, 11:19 PM by Warren McLaren in Gadgets

    Remember when we discussed the prototyping of e-ink in the form of clock? Now another version has appeared. Philips, who know a thing or two about electronics are unveiling a roll-up-able screen that can show digital information from text to images.

  • SMS LED Pillows

    SMS LED Pillows

    September 1, 1:16 PM by Justin Thomas in Clean Technology

    Philips has designed an energy efficient "electronic pillow" that allows you to receive important messages and er...symbols of love via LEDs embedded in the fabric. The researchers integrated flexible multicolored LEDs into fabrics without compromising

  • affordable-solar-store-01.gif

    The Affordable Solar Store

    August 31, 8:40 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Solar Technology

    At the end of last month we wrote about the Alternative Energy store, a place where you can buy everything from solar panels to micro-wind turbines, energy efficient appliances and composting toilets. Now, to be fair to "the industry" (aren't we


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