EcoFlow Tech RIVER battery + solar

RIVER portable battery & solar charger delivers power on the go for off-grid adventures

This mobile solar power station offers a lightweight high-capacity lithium-ion battery with all the bells and whistles.

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  • bacteria.jpg

    Catalytic Bacteria Zapper

    May 17, 8:14 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    As many of you may have gathered, I have a crush on 3D design on the nano-scale. Nature News describes yet another device, elegantly constructed from little more then glass and titanium dioxide that can reduce hazardous waste and clean dangerous

  • island-in-the-sun.jpg

    US Virgin Islands to go Solar

    May 17, 7:49 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    Because of soaring oil prices, the lucky residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands are encouraged to switch to solar power. At the present time, the islands burn oil that they import from St. Croix to generate electricity, so on average the utility bill of a

  • TH_worldview_051205.jpg

    World View Helium Lamp

    May 12, 9:10 AM by Dominic Muren in Gadgets

    This is definitely a new take on the concept of minimal materials. PID's World View lamp forgoes the extra metal, plastic, or wood for a stand or base. Instead, the lamp supports itself on a helium-filled mylar balloon. Reel out more tether for a

  • LCP collector_small.jpg

    More on Light Pipes: Aussie Grad Student Develops New Collector

    May 12, 7:00 AM by Lloyd Alter in Solar Technology

    "Most systems use complicated and expensive

  • TH_cellphone_050905.jpg

    More Life After Phones

    May 10, 8:28 AM by Dominic Muren in Gadgets

    "Before trying to make money off of your cell

  • TH_cellforcash_050705.jpg

    Get Cash...By Recycling?

    May 8, 8:29 AM by Dominic Muren in Gadgets

    If you're one of the millions of cellphone users with two year contracts that automatically upgrade your phone upon renewal, then you've been in this situation. You get a shiny new phone in the mail. Probably, lots of better features than your

  • toshiba dmfc.jpg

    Transformational Technology: Polyfuel's New Fuel Cell Membrane Could Unplug Solar Chargers

    May 7, 8:00 AM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    This is a Toshiba prototype of a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC), which is described as about "as long and wide as a woman's thumb". Based on the progress being made in underlying technologies for DMFC's in general, TreeHuggers will be thumbing them

  • TH_hydrodrivemain_050205.jpg

    Prototype: Vincent Carman's Inertial Storage Transmission

    May 3, 8:30 AM by Dominic Muren in Clean Technology

    Believe it or not, both these old beat up cars have something amazing in common: They get double the gas mileage of standard models, because of an ingenious new transmission system developed by inventor Vincent Carman (seriously, could your name be

  • TH_battery_02805.jpg

    Battery X-tender: Recharging for Alkalines

    April 29, 8:35 AM by Dominic Muren in Gadgets

    Alright, we know there are still some of you dragging your feet about the rechargeable battery thing. Come on, you know they reduce a huge chemical waste burden (even without mercury, the concentrated alkali compounds in standard batteries are a great

  • 3547_02.jpg

    Biodegradable Packaging Tape Developed

    April 27, 10:47 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    A biodegradable packaging tape made from renewable resources is being developed by German researchers that can be disposed of cheaply. Currently, used plastic wrappings and containers are incinerated or dumped in huge quantities on landfill sites with

  • Juice-solar-bag.jpg

    Reware Juice Bag - once more with solar

    April 27, 9:24 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    Used to be that finding a half decent solar charger was harder than locating the Holy Grail. These days they (Voltaic, Scott, Solarstyle, Eclipse, and Solio) seem to be growing on trees. And soon to join the orchard is Reware's Juice Bag. A hybrid

  • 0422hybrid1_f.jpg

    Hybrids Could Replace Army's Humvees

    April 26, 9:54 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Wired Magazine reports that the military is developing a hybrid Humvee alternative which might boost the market for combination combustion-electric vehicles. During a recent conference, the army demonstrated a hybrid vehicle chassis that can be installed

  • northcape2.jpg

    Prince Edward Island Wind-Hydrogen Village

    April 25, 9:03 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    NORTH CAPE, Prince Edward Island, Canada: April 22 Hydrogenics and Prince Edward Island Energy Corporation will lead a consortium of industry and government partners to develop Canada's first wind-hydrogen village demonstration. This 10.3 million dollar

  • ecosaveneu.jpg

    Ecosave Stops Standby Energy Leakage

    April 23, 12:39 PM by Christine Lepisto in Gadgets

    Calling all electrical engineers: the challenge for the day is to explain in lay-man's terms how the Vigor Ecosave® works. This clever device was brought to the market in Germany by then 20 and 18 year old Fabienne Fischer and Marcel Fischer, after

  • plant_phone.jpg

    Eat Your Phone

    April 23, 8:31 AM by Che in Gadgets

    OK, thats an exaggeration, but NTT DoCoMo is experimenting with Sony's plastics made from starches and sugars from corn and potatoes for cell phones. ::Hippyshopper noted them showing up in DVD players. However it is not all edible goodness-

  • teaball-spoon.jpg

    Tea Infusers - a Product Service System (PSS)

    April 22, 9:39 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Decaffeinated coffee to some is like unsweetened sugar. Inconceiveable. But to many tea drinkers caffeine is not required for obtaining a deep sense of satisfaction. These drinkers look to herbal infusions for their joy. When in a rush they might resort

  • logo.jpg

    Green VoIP Digital Long Distance: DNA Communications

    April 21, 9:43 AM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    DNA Communications is a green Phone and Internet company located in Illinois that has taken many steps to make its business eco-effective. Every company car DNA owns is a hybrid vehicle. They are in the process of L.E.E.D. certifying their headquarters.

  • car-exhaust.jpg

    Car's exhaust powers own air conditioning

    April 21, 1:04 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    We've all heard it before. That a problem is simply a solution in disguise. Well, Luke Zoontjens is setting about unmasking the nefarious car exhaust. A Postgraduate Researcher at The University of Adelaide's School of Mechanical Engineering, he is


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