8 Tear-Jerking Reunions Between Soldiers and Their Dogs

Being away for months at a time can be hard on man's best friend. TheSoldierVision//YouTube

It's difficult to be separated from loved ones. It can be especially hard when those we care about don't understand why we have to go.

When soldiers are deployed, their absence is felt not only by family and friends, but also by their canine companions. The sudden loss of a loved one can leave a dog feeling confused and abandoned, but as these reunion videos prove, man's best friend can't hold back when that beloved soldier returns.

Fetching a soldier

When Ranger the German shepherd went to fetch "the green monster," his favorite toy, he returned to find his owner back from deployment.

Mom's home

This golden retriever is so happy that his "mom" is back from Afghanistan that he can't stop crying.

Gracie's greeting

When this soldier returned from Afghanistan in 2005, he got quite the front-yard welcome from his Corgi mix, Gracie. The video of their reunion has more than 17 million views, and the soldier occasionally posts updates about Gracie, who is now 10 years old and moving slower, but is still "a good dog and a great friend."

Jumping with joy

A boxer named Chuck jumps out of the car to welcome his soldier home from an eight-month deployment.

Daddy's little girl

Watch a big soldier be greeted by an excited little puppy named Princess.

Home for the holidays

This excited husky named Silver got exactly what she wanted for Christmas.

Lap dog

This big puppy was so excited that her "dad" was home from his six-month deployment that she crawled into his lap.

A welcome the whole neighborhood can hear

These barking beagles make sure their owner knows how much they've missed him.