Tata Introduces Flatpack Nano House: 215 Square Feet for $720

tata-house layout

Migrated Image / CarAdvice.com.au 

TATA, which famously brought a$2500 car to India—which is now a thing of the past—is now is taking orders for an entire house (without garage for the nano car) for 32,000 rupees ($720). That's $3.34 per square foot!

As one Indian correspondent pointed out, that's "cheaper than an iPad."

The kit includes doors, windows, and roof, and is made of coconut or jute fibre, and can be assembled in a week. It also comes in a 30 m2model, which I believe is the plan shown above. (the plan appears to be of a TATA apartment project) It comes with an optional veranda and solar energy system. According to the Economic Times:

Tata hopes to sell the house to private buyers who have a plot of land available and also to state governments planning mass residential schemes for India's millions of destitute and homeless. [head of project Sumitesh ] Das said Tata was using advice from panchayats (village councils) to fine-tune the design.

That is an important issue; Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity has noted that "Top down solutions will cause tragic consequences for generations to come."- consultation is key to acceptance. Das continues:

"At present, the housing project is in the pilot stage in 30 locations spread across the country and we are in discussions with various agencies like Coir Board, Jute Board and also State governments," Sumitesh Das, head global research programme of Tata Steel, said.