Target Adding Electric Vehicle Charging at 100 Stores and 600 Parking Spots in 20 Different States

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Walmart isn't the only big box store seeking to lure electric vehicle drivers...

Earlier this week, we reported that Walmart is adding ultra-fast electric vehicle charging at 100+ stores across the United States. They aren't the only ones seeking to lure electric vehicle drivers in to shop, eat, drink and hang out while their vehicles get juiced.

On Monday, Target announced that it too is adding charging stations at 100 locations across 20 states, with multiple stations at each location. (I've previously noted that Target's existing charging infrastructure is notable for the sheer number of charging points they are providing.)

The move comes in partnership with companies such as Tesla, ChargePoint and Electrify America, and should make for a significant improvement in terms of access to charging. What will be interesting to watch is how much of the new charging infrastructure falls into the slower, Level 2 charging range—versus fast or ultra-fast charging stations capable of 'refilling' a battery in minutes.

I'm sure there will be those who argue that Level 2 charging, which adds 20 or so miles of range per hour, is next to useless as batteries get bigger and charging gets faster. But I, personally, am not so sure. If we drivers—who charge at home most of the time—can have the option of slower Level 2 charging at cheaper (or free) rates, there will be plenty of folks who top up while shopping or working, freeing up fast and ultra-fast charging capacity for those who need it. Such a patchwork of charging solutions will also have the added benefit of easing the load on the grid, not to mention benefitting retail, restaurant and recreation locations that would love to lure customers in for a longer stay in the age of e-commerce.