Take a Ride in Heathrow's Driverless Pod! (Video)

Screen capture. Youtube

This is kind of a follow up on what Lloyd and Sami wrote about the pods a little while ago (there was some controversy). For more background info on the pods, check out their posts here:

-Podcars Almost Ready To Roll in London

-Podcars Running At London's Heathrow Airport

-Could Heathrow's Autonomous Podcars Be Scalable to City-Wide Use?

But the main course today is this video which shows what it's like to ride in one of the pods:

The main claimed benefits are that the pods "uses approximately 1,000 BTUs per passenger-mile, which makes it 50% more energy-efficient than buses or trains, and 70% more energy-efficient than private cars."

This Fully Charged video also gives a good overview of the pods:

podcar london

Via Techspot

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