Take a Hike ... And Bring a Shelter Dog With You

The scenery is more beautiful when you have company — even if that company is of the canine variety. (Photo: Yahoo).

Utah's Red Mountain Resort boasts a variety of typical hotel amenities, but it offers one service you won't find anywhere else: an opportunity to hike with adoptable shelter dogs.

The Pound Puppy Hike program began 10 years ago when Aggie Smith, a hiking guide for Red Mountain, was spending a lot of her time volunteering for a local animal shelter.

She knew the dogs needed exercise and opportunities to socialize, so she found a way to do both — while also introducing the animals to potential adopters.

Today, Smith is an animal control officer and the manager of Ivins Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter with an adoption rate of 99.7 percent.

Resort guests interested in walking a rescue dog can take their canine companions on a hike of up to four miles through the stunning red landscapes of St. George Valley and Padre Canyon.

The shelter even provides participants with doggie treats so they can truly spoil their hiking buddies.

Upon completing the hike, it isn't unusual for guests to fill out adoption paperwork and take their four-legged friends home.

"We've had 30 dogs adopted from this walk," Smith told Yahoo.

In addition to dogs, Ivins Animal Shelter also has cats up for adoption — but they're not much for hiking.