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    Tell Toyota to Walk the Walk on Fuel Economy

    October 11, 11:33 AM by Union of in Cars

    The Union of Concerned Scientists and a number of other groups have been blasting Toyota for failing to endorse a strong boost to U.S. fuel economy standards. Instead, the company, which invests heavily in marketing itself as green, backs a

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    The Toyota i-Real: Concept Vehicle For Whom?

    October 11, 7:27 AM by John Laumer in Cars

    Per the Wall Street journal, Toyota has one of the "...eco-friendly concept cars to go on display at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, running from Oct. 26 to Nov. 11...The concept cars, though years away from the market, show how Japan's top auto makers

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    Survey: Et Tu, Toyota?

    October 3, 8:08 AM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    When Treehugger has called Toyota hypocritical for wrapping itself in green and then introducing the Tundra, commenters were outraged, suggesting that Toyota was just responding to market demand. Now Tom Friedman points out that Toyota is joined the big

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    Tom Friedman on Toyota's Duplicity

    October 3, 7:16 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    Tom Friedman of the New York Times is on a roll of late; while we have been critical of his views on coal and energy, his article last week on 9/12 was on the button, and today he exoriates Toyota for supporting the American auto makers in their

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    Overcoming Prius' Green Edge

    October 1, 7:00 AM by Jeremy Elton Jacquot in Cars

    In the minds of many, Toyota's Prius has long been considered synonymous with hybrid cars. Praised as being ahead of its time and the darling of Hollywood and Silicon Valley types, the Prius quickly gained iconic status amongst the green set when it

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    Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid In The Lead (Apparently)

    September 29, 4:38 PM by John Laumer in Corporate Responsibility

    Media coverage we've seen is confusing as to whether the Toyota FCHV-6 is a pure play fuel cell or a hybrid fuel cell vehicle. We'll assume hybrid, as it would be logical to leverage their current front runner position in hybrid tech. Check out

  • bush hybrid vehicle

    Even Bush Government Agency Advised Staff to Buy Asian Hybrid Vehicles

    September 24, 10:00 AM by Jeremy Elton Jacquot in Corporate Responsibility

    Talk about embarrassing. When high-level officials in an administration that's provided more support and political cover than any in recent history advise their staff to purchase vehicles from your foreign rivals, you know you're in trouble. That was

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    Prius Envy? Honda to Battle Toyota on Green Performance, and Looks...

    September 4, 8:42 AM by Sami Grover in Cars

    The term 'Prius envy' didn't crop up in our guide on How to Green Your Sex Life, but maybe it should have. Actually, it has little to do with sex, but a lot to do with the perceived sexiness of your hybrid. According to a report in Newsweek, many

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    Woz Caught Doing 104mph in Prius

    August 23, 1:09 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    First Al Gore III was caught doing over 100mph in his Prius, and now Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has too. The hybrid fan, who has owned eight Prii since their launch, was pulled over for doing 104mph on the I-5 in California. I certainly wouldn’t

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    Ikea Management to Get Hybrid Company Cars

    August 12, 11:43 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Ikea has announced that all management staff in Spain who have company cars will be switched over to Toyota Prius' as soon as the current leasing period expires. The number of cars changing isn't huge, but is another small step for the increasingly

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    Recycle a Prius

    August 1, 6:43 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    MAKE blog have a post about buying a wrecked Prius and taking the drive train to use in some other hacked creation. If you have a car lying around which you think would make a great hybrid, and a whole lot more mechanical expertise than I do, then this

  • toyota prius

    Cheaper Prius Version Coming

    July 31, 2:15 PM by Jeremy Elton Jacquot in Cars

    In a move to make its flagship hybrid Prius more affordable to a greater market, Toyota plans on introducing a new "standard" version in 2008 with a base price of $20,950 — about 5.5% less than the cheapest 2007 model. So what features are being taken

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    Toyota Unveils Plug-in Prius

    July 25, 6:52 PM by George Spyros in Cars

    Today Toyota joined almost every other major car company who had already unveiled plans for producing cars that run on energy supplied by the electric grid. Announcing the official plug-in Prius based on the most popular hybrid vehicle to date, Toyota

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    NYT Newsweek Looking for Hybrid Drivers

    July 13, 1:32 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    I'm a New York Times writer doing on piece [for Newsweek] on how Honda is retooling its hybrid

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    New CAFE Standards? Don't Break Out the Champagne Yet

    July 3, 1:33 PM by Jeremy Elton Jacquot in Corporate Responsibility

    Nothing sets congressmen's mouths ajawing faster than a good ol' fashioned debate about fuel consumption standards. As you've probably heard by now, the Senate just passed an energy bill that would raise CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards

  • Prius2-front.jpg

    A Lexus Prius?

    June 29, 2:29 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    If you trace the ownership of car manufacturers you will find an incestuous spider web. These manufacturers share parts and even chassis between different models. You will often find that even some prestige brands contain many parts from cheaper

  • toyota-prius-jjg-94-001.jpg

    Bought a Prius for Environmental Reasons? The New York Times Needs Your Help

    June 26, 12:09 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    I'm looking for Prius owners who first and foremost are looking to make an environmental statement with their vehicle, who specifically bought

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    Electric Car Revolution Only Three Years Away (Maybe)

    June 11, 4:28 PM by Tony Bosworth in Cars

    We could all be driving electric powered cars sooner than we thought possible as new developments in battery technology gather pace, new companies


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