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    A Green Mayor for Tel Aviv?

    December 29, 8:24 AM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    Tel Aviv is not London. While London mayor Ken Livingstone has adopted and energetically pursued a green agenda in his city, Tel Aviv has yet to experience an environmentally progressive administration. However, rumor has it that one such ticket is in

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    Israel Invests in Mass Transit

    December 28, 10:05 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    In line with a worldwide trend, Israel's three major cities - Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - are currently in the process of building mass transit systems. Israel's transportation has traditionally been based on buses and


    Christmas Charity: SPNI

    December 28, 2:02 PM by Jesse Fox in Culture

    Merry Christmas from Israel! Here, of course, there is no snow, the sun is shining, and Hannuka has already come and

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    Giving Walking Some Good PR

    December 17, 1:48 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    A subway always comes with a colorful schematic map that shows people how different places connect to each other, and how long it takes to get from one place to another. Even Tel Aviv's subway and light rail system has an attractive and easily

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    Tel Aviv Greens Talk Strategy

    December 4, 11:01 AM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    A Jewish sage once said: "Who is wise? One who learns from every man." Members of Tel Aviv's environmental movement took this advice to heart this week when they met with a business and policy

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    "White City" Saved!(?)

    December 2, 7:16 AM by Jesse Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    The city of Tel Aviv finally has a historic building preservation plan! After almost 20 years of planning, negotiations, arguments, you name it, national planning authorities gave the plan

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    TH Interview: Gideon Greenspan of Carbon Catalog

    November 30, 6:07 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Culture

    Want to zero your carbon emissions, but lost in all the options? Gideon Greenspan, an Internet entrepreneur from Tel Aviv (via London, via Glasgow) has built Carbon Catalog —a carbon offsets directory that can help you navigate through the maze of

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    How to Make a Polluted City a "ZeroCarbonCity"

    October 31, 2:47 PM by Karin Kloosterman in Cars

    The folks over at the Porter School for Environmental Studies are organizing a one-day event at the Watec conference tomorrow in Tel Aviv, but with a focus on air pollution and the global "ZeroCarbonCity" campaign.

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    Bikaleh: Inspirations from Yoga

    October 15, 5:07 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Sustainable Fashion

    After a 2 or 3 year stint in the army, most young Israelis head to one of two places to let loose: India or Latin America. In Bikaleh, an organic clothing shop on Rehov Shlush in Tel Aviv, it is impossible not to see the Indian influence in the

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    Wrap Yourself Around Transformer-Like Organic Cottons from Israel

    October 5, 5:37 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Sustainable Fashion

    In the meantime if you are interested in perusing their online catalogue, you’ll have to have a good grasp of Hebrew – otherwise meander through the website of Cotton, one of Israel’s first organic clothing designers. Much of their wear looks like the

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    Well Hello Velo, in Tel Aviv

    September 17, 6:48 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Bikes

    Like the popular bike rental program in Lyon, Paris and other European capitals, Tel Aviv Municipality has announced that is in the process of choosing a company to market and manage a city-wide public bike rental program. For a nominal fee, a few

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    Helmet Head Resistance and New Tax Breaks For Bikers

    September 3, 1:46 PM by Karin Kloosterman in Bikes

    Biking, whether it is for leisure or getting to work, is becoming a heated debate in Israel. Bike-lovers demonstrated against the government recently in the hopes that a new helmet law will be struck down by the Powers-That-Be. We enjoy us some cruising

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    Like A Bat Outta Heaven

    August 31, 9:41 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Natural Sciences

    Mosquito season has been a bit out of whack in Tel Aviv for the past few years. Instead of dying down, as they normally should, swarms of them are lingering on in bedrooms and come nightfall are attacking with a vengeance. Some locals report using

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    One Year Ago in TH: Michael Crichton, Water, Crocs

    August 25, 8:49 AM by Collin Dunn in About TreeHugger

    A year ago today in TreeHugger, we took note of the winner of a book prize created by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists; here's a hint...it wasn't to anyone telling them to stop looking for oil. Meanwhile, a new voice piped up in the

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    When Art Rolls In From The Sea

    August 10, 4:58 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Sustainable Product Design

    Sure, designers reuse wood and turn parts of old furniture into new items, but still, leftovers get sawed off and end up as scrap. Unlike useful objects, such as chairs and tables, works of art can be created from a hodgepodge of parts that don't

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    The Live Earth From Israel?

    July 6, 10:58 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Culture

    We have mixed feelings about the Live Earth concert celebrated by Israeli artists tomorrow. On one hand we are really excited about the event leading up to it - today there was a green expo and market at Rabin Square promoting organic food and clothing;

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    When Job Perks Are Not So "Perky" For The Environment

    July 2, 4:38 PM by Karin Kloosterman in Corporate Responsibility

    Unbelievably low-rate leasing on cars, unlimited mileage, extra cell-phones, new laptops and free electricity for the entire family. If you work at a high-tech company in Israel, or for the electric company, these are just a few of the perks you might be

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    They Paved Paradise And Put Up Palm Trees

    June 22, 8:51 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Sustainable Product Design

    People everywhere can agree that trees in a city are a good thing. They up real estate value, create a green lung, provide shade and beauty. But, as we learn today, not all trees are created equal. A recent project on the heavily urbanized Ibn Gvirol


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