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    Finding A Perfect Tike Bike

    November 19, 11:20 AM by A.K. Streeter in Cars

    trioBike has released the next version of its tri-functional cargo bike, which we first wrote about here. The 2.0 Balanced is an aerodynamic and sleek-looking kid-hauler. And the detachable bike, a Shimano Nexus 7-speed, also looks great when you are out

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    E-Paper Surpasses Dead Trees In Life-Cycle Test

    November 15, 1:37 PM by A.K. Streeter in Clean Technology

    We've written about e-paper here and while the idea seems nifty, it's hard not to think that improving online readers might be the best option rather than adding another electronic gadget to the overladen waste stream. But in a new study from the

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    Swedish Tourism Cold Comfort For Warming Globe

    November 13, 11:10 AM by A.K. Streeter in Natural Sciences

    The Swedish travel industry is woefully under-prepared for a changing climate, says researcher Stephen Gössling. Tourism to and from Sweden contributes 10 percent of the country's total measured CO2 emissions,

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    Sweden's Green Car Explosion

    November 9, 3:22 PM by A.K. Streeter in Cars

    At this week's Clean Vehicles and Fuels conference in Stockholm, city officials released an updated survey showing that 50 percent of city residents would consider shopping for a "miljöbil" when they buy their next car. That's a huge increase from

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    Skinny Swedish Packages A Staple In China

    November 8, 10:37 AM by A.K. Streeter in Sustainable Product Design

    There's always clung to the Tetra Pak a bit of uncertainty regarding its environmental credibility: is it or isn't it green? Tetra Pak recycling rates are lousy, but in at least one life cycle analysis it came out ahead of glass and PET plastic in energy

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    Time To Ecolabel Biofuels?

    November 7, 3:38 PM by A.K. Streeter in Renewable Energy

    It wasn't too long ago that biofuels were basking in the glow of nearly everyone's approval - a quick fix for reducing CO2 emissions from transport. The EU aims to fill 10% of its transport needs with biofuels by 2020. But biofuel's easy ride may be

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    In Copenhagen Bicycles Overtake Cars

    November 5, 11:21 AM by A.K. Streeter in Cars

    As a result of half a century of planning, Copenhagen has achieved a fabulous cycling goal - during the morning rush hour more bikes and mopeds pound the inner city streets than personal cars and buses. Just a bit more than a third of inhabitants get

  • pee_cabbage.jpg

    I.P. Freely - On The Organic Cabbages

    October 31, 2:25 PM by A.K. Streeter in Green Food

    What makes this post great for today

  • Fair_Fashion.jpg

    Swedish Fair Fashion, Hold the Macaroni

    October 18, 2:47 PM by A.K. Streeter in Style

    In addition to its social conscience, Sweden is also extremely fashion conscious, and recent media debate plus campaigns by local group Rena Kläder (Clean Clothing) have brought ideas about ethical fashion to the forefront. Right on cue, in Sweden's

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    MOMO Mixes Clean Lines, Green Roofs

    October 17, 3:25 PM by A.K. Streeter in Modular Design

    Scandinavians cherish summer more than most - they don't mind tight urban quarters but when the sun shines they want to decamp to a cute little stuga (cottage) close to the water. Swedish architect Thomas Lind designed MOMO - which stands for

  • VolvoFlexifuel.jpg

    Climate Neutral Driving...for Dummies?

    October 17, 3:20 PM by A.K. Streeter in Cars

    Sometimes it is tricky to know where good intentions end and greenwash begins, and Volvo's line of Flexifuel cars, available in Europe, seems to toe the line. The V70 Flexifuel - recently released for sale in Sweden - runs on regular gas or ethanol

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    Nice Buns! LCA from "Farm to Fork"

    July 24, 8:00 AM by Jenna Watson in Green Food

    We've told you about the life cycle assessment of bread before. Now we've discovered that the hamburger buns at the Swedish company Cerelia undergo life cycle assessments too! Instead of the classic "cradle to grave" they look at the environmental

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    Rejuvenating Your Life Cycle at Scandic Hotels

    July 13, 1:05 PM by Jenna Watson in Sustainable Product Design

    A couple years back Sami took a trip to Finland and told us about his great green hotel experience. At the time, the Scandic chain of hotels, which operates all over Scandinavia and the Baltic States didn't have much to offer on their website about

  • bio_wood_chips_x220.jpg

    Using Woody Biomass To Extract Hydrogen From Water & Carbon From The Atmosphere

    April 26, 10:20 AM by John Laumer in Clean Technology

    Wood contains carbohydrates, and is sort of obvious, the "hydrate" suffix in the term "carbohydrate" implies hydrogen. It gets there from water, during photosynthesis. By simple pyrolysis, essentially just a matter of heating wood in an oxygen starved


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