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Journey To The Middle of the Pacific

The Midway Atoll lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is the nesting ground of millions of seabirds, including many endangered species. Once a military base, it has been slowly transformed by many dedicated people into a world heritage site. However, the atoll faces tough battles every day: invasive plant species that damage the habitat of albatross and burrowing petrels often killing them; deadly plastic pollution, much of which ends up in the stomachs of chicks; climate change that causes ever larger and more lethal storms.

While these problems feel enormous, they are not necessarily too big to tackle and there are a number of people who have dedicated their lives to improving life on Midway for these incredible animals. We are journeying to Midway to document the many ways in which conservationists are bringing attention to problems affecting this tiny but vitally important bit of land, and how lessons learned here can be applied to other areas of the world.

Learn how biologists managed to bring back the endangered Short-Tail Albatross to nest on the atoll; meet Wisdom, a Laysan albatross who has been nesting on Midway for nearly 60 years; find out the strategies being used to eradicate invasive plant and animal species; discover the beauty of endangered Monk seals, sea turtles, spinner dolphins, corals and so much more.

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