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    A Multi-Fuel Stove: It Burns Corn, Wood Pellets, Cherry Pits

    February 14, 9:51 AM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    Most biomass burning stoves relegate themselves to particular types of fuel — for example, a stove that burns corn, will refuse to burn wood pellets correctly. There is, however, a stove called the Countryside Multi-Fuel Stove by Magnum that will

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    Wooden Low-H20 Radiator by Jaga

    February 6, 2:36 AM by Petz Scholtus in Sustainable Product Design

    Jaga, the international radiator factory from Belgium, have developed a low-H2O range called Energy Savers. ‘A new standard for sustainable heating’ is what they offer you by having reduced the energy consumption up to 12% compared to traditional

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    Seen in New York: Radiator Rethought

    November 13, 6:33 AM by Celine Ruben in Interior Design

    Not only is the design of this Radiator a dramatic departure from conventional design but, with more exposed surface area for heat to dispate from it is also inherently eco-friendly and an improvement on current versions. Modern. Playful. Clever. It

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    How to Go Green: Home Heating

    November 11, 10:00 AM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    Consider that roughly two-thirds of a home's annual energy use goes toward space and water heating, that in most American homes, winter heating is responsible for sending nearly four tons of greenhouse gases into the air each month, and that as much as

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    Join the Slate Green Challenge with Treehugger!

    November 3, 9:00 AM by Brittany Jacobs in Culture

    Did you know that wrapping your water heater in an insulating jacket could not only save you money, but also keep 1100 lbs of CO2 out of the atmosphere? The best part is that you can buy an insulating wrap at most local hardware stores for about $20.


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