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  • outdoors enthusiast gift guide photo

    Green Gift Guide: The Outdoors Enthusiast

    November 9, 8:00 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    While a true outdoors enthusiast doesn't need much to enjoy the great outdoors--just a sturdy pair of shoes and a taste for adventure--this individual is even more likely to appreciate gifts that are as eco-friendly as they are functional. Take the time t

  • hgg09_green_geek_550x400.jpg

    Green Gift Guide: The Green Geek

    November 9, 7:57 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    Giving gadgets may be a quick and easy way to satisfy all the techies--and closet green geeks--on your list, but shelling out for anything that plugs in just for the sake of that holiday-morning electronic glow can have a heavy cost on your wallet and on

  • green gift guide philanthropist photo

    Green Gift Guide: The Philanthropist

    November 9, 12:08 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    We've rounded up more than 100 gifts that let you give (and get) green takes on classic holiday presents, but there's one more key category to help put your money where your mouth is: charitable giving. These donations, made in your recipients name, help

  • animal gift guide

    Green Gift Guide: The Animal Lover

    November 9, 12:08 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    Whether you're shopping for someone who has a soft spot for endangered species (even the weird-looking ones) or who just can't stop talking about her cat, green gifts for the animal lover on your list keep everyone purring. With the likes of organic cotto

  • fathers day gift guide graphic

    Father's Day Green Gift Guide: 10 Presents Dad Will Adore

    June 8, 11:41 AM by Jess Root in Green Home

    We love dad (or hubby or grandpa--insert your preferred Papa Bear-figure here) and know that he deserves the best. So why not choose a gift that reflects style, substance, sophistication, and sustainability? Make him swoon with a dashing gift that's

  • gift-guide-experiential-468x305.jpg

    Green Gift Guide: Experiential Gifts

    May 8, 4:02 PM by Blythe Copeland in Green Home

    Sometimes when it comes to gift getting, the best thing to unwrap is, well, nothing at all. Treat the hard-to-shop-for people on your list to experiential presents--concerts, bike tours, cooking classes--that they'll remember long after more

  • gift guide green teens

    Green Gift Guide: Green Teens

    May 8, 1:25 PM by Blythe Copeland in Green Home

    Teenagers are notoriously hard to shop for--but even cash gets boring eventually. Get rid of the guesswork with these no-fail ideas for the teens in your family, from environmentally-minded books designed for their lives and backpacks as green as they

  • gift guide weehuggers

    Green Gift Guide: WeeHuggers

    May 8, 11:13 AM by Blythe Copeland in Green Home

    It's never too early to start teaching your little ones the importance of choosing products made with sustainable materials and eco-friendly processes. Set a good example with the gifts in our WeeHugger guide, from baby bibs and toddler clothes to

  • gift guide newlyweds

    Green Gift Guide: Newlyweds

    May 7, 2:00 PM by Blythe Copeland in Green Home

    Even couples who truly believe that all you need is love still end up with a registry full of the same glassware, serving platters, linens, and picture frames as every other soon-to-be-married pair. Think outside the list with recycled champagne

  • gift guide style icons

    Green Gift Guide: Style Icons

    May 7, 10:50 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Green Home

    These fashion must-haves are timeless essentials for men and women (with a few splurges, of course) that will be a welcome addition to any wardrobe. From under to over, from top to bottom, we cover it all; the modern, sexy, and unique ideas in this

  • gift-guide-globetrotters-468x305.jpg

    Green Gift Guide: Globetrotters

    May 7, 9:48 AM by Blythe Copeland in Green Home

    Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the French writer and aviator, once wrote, "He who would travel happily must travel light." We couldn't agree more. However, we also know that to make the earth equally happy, we need to keep our carbon footprint as

  • gift guide media junkies

    Green Gift Guide: Media Junkies

    May 6, 12:45 PM by Sami Grover in Green Home

    Looking for the perfect gift for the eco-bookworm in your life? Searching for something for a green-minded documentary-addict? Our Media Junkie's gift guide has offerings for everyone -- from the kids to the DIY enthusiasts, from the foodies to the

  • gift guide home decor

    Green Gift Guide: Home + Garden Decor

    May 6, 11:42 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Green Home

    Everyone wants a healthy home, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Help your giftee make it as simple as possible with gifts for the home that are light on the planet andt easy to use. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the garden, each of

  • gift guide green gourmets

    Green Gift Guide: Green Gourmets

    May 6, 10:35 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Home

    It's such a pleasure buying gifts for foodies. The possibilities are endless and you can find something interesting and delightful in every price range. This list of green foodie gifts is quite personal; I have a connection to everything that I'm

  • gift guide outdoors lovers

    Green Gifts for Outdoor Athletes

    May 5, 12:45 PM by Blythe Copeland in Green Home

    Treat the athletes in your life to gear and equipment that allows them to take advantage of all the environment has to offer—without harming Mother Nature. From cleaners that help your giftee’s current tools last longer and socks and sneakers to keep

  • gift guide free diy

    Free, Downloadable, + DIY Green Gifts

    May 5, 11:45 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Home

    What if you could pick out a design of something you wanted and order it like a song on iTunes, downloading it and printing it out? Or, if you don’t have a 3-D printer, you could go to the local print shop and pick it up? Click through for a look at

  • gift guide techie types

    Green Gifts for Techie Types

    May 5, 10:42 AM by Blythe Copeland in Green Home

    While true gadget obsessions aren’t always green—they often mean getting rid of equipment that still works, while gadgets that aren’t recycled waste countless amounts of resources and precious metals—technology that lets you live a greener life is the

  • mothers day photo

    Green Gift Guide for Mother's Day

    May 1, 11:16 AM by Jess Root in About TreeHugger

    Not sure what to get mom this year? Or grandma or your expecting wife? If you're looking for a little something you can wrap up and hand her alongside that "I love you," a laid-back day spent together, and a delicious local and organic breakfast in


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