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Good Enough to Eat

There are so many natural skin products on the market that it is tricky to figure out which to choose. Finnish women have beautiful, pale, flawless complexions, despite the harsh winters. So here is skin cream from Finland with luscious ingredients

Treasures of Wasteland

SECCO and The Treasures of Wasteland is the name of a Helsinki shop selling recycled goods, from clothing to computer-key magnets, to belts made out of car seatbelts. It is a surprise to find this place, nestled amongst vintage shops, hair dressers,

Return a Tree

This little wooden cube contains a tree seed. The idea is that the box, when planted, will slowly rot, the seeds will sprout, and it will finally grow into the very tree that the cube was made of. Either curly birch, pine, alder, spruce or aspen

Dual Purpose Carrier

It’s Finnish design. It’s ingenious and wacky, and endearing the more you look at it. They call it a "footstool" but we probably wouldn't. In any case, it has a dual purpose; serving as a seat and a bottle carrier for one to three bottles. Made of

Let's Talk Baby Talk

Responsible new parents are looking for ways to reduce the impact of disposable diapers. They want green clothes that are made of organic cotton and are free of chemicals but are still adorable. In response some small companies have started to create

Perhaps We Are On the Wrong Bike

Perhaps we don't really get it. We bike every day with our fancy Lake shoes on our clipless pedals on our Norco roadbike when we learn from ReadingToronto that we should realy be riding a fabulous Dutch bike from Jorg and Olif. We go on about how bikes
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