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  • artek-sustainability-nytimes.jpg

    Artek: Sustainability from Aalto to Dixon

    October 22, 3:58 PM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    Courtesy of the NY Times, we get an up close and personal look at Finnish furniture company Artek, who've taken old-school notions of sustainability like durability and timeless

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    Throw that Cell Phone Away. Win Prizes.

    July 29, 10:38 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Once there was a little paper company in Finland called Nokia. They started making plastic boots, and that didn't work out too well, and then decided to give mobile phones a shot. Soon, everyone in the country had one, and soon, everyone was having that

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    UnTreeHugger: Savu Smoker Bag

    June 25, 8:02 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Food

    What with their cellphones and Aalto furniture, we usually like things that come from Finland. This might have stayed behind: For three bucks a pop you get a three ply aluminum bag filled with wood chips (alder or hickory), spices, hardwood syrup and

  • green_start-shoes-h-g-001.jpg

    Anni Rapinoja: Wardrobe of Nature

    June 13, 10:47 AM by Kathreen Ricketson in Sustainable Product Design

    Wardrobe of Nature is about the naturally occurring variations of nature, and humans as a part of nature. Anni uses plants to make clothing, shoes, bags etc for people in a very beautiful way. The works vary, with some the shape is taken from the human

  • vampiremoth.jpg

    Skin-Piercing Vampire Moth Vants Your Blood

    June 6, 8:00 AM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Natural Sciences

    No thanks to climate change, Finland is attracting species better-acquainted with warmer climes, including a moth that binges on human blood, according to a Finnish nature periodical.

  • Shigeru-Artek.jpg

    Design Boom Interviews Shigeru Ban About Artek Pavilion

    March 13, 3:45 PM by Leonora Oppenheim in Sustainable Product Design

    The innovative Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, he of the paper chairs and buildings, is currently working on the construction of a pavilion for the Finnish furniture company Artek. The structure will be used as a platform to exhibit Artek's new 2007

  • bambu2.jpg

    Bamboo Furniture from Artek, Heirs to Aalto

    January 31, 8:10 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    "Form is a mystery that defies description but brings people pleasure"-Alvar Aalto. Artek was set up in 1935 to market Aalto's furniture, lamps and textiles, and continues to this day, blending "functionalism with form and sculptural simplicity with the

  • blackberries.jpg

    Good Enough to Eat

    January 17, 8:42 AM by Bonnie Alter in Style

    There are so many natural skin products on the market that it is tricky to figure out which to choose. Finnish women have beautiful, pale, flawless complexions, despite the harsh winters. So here is skin cream from Finland with luscious ingredients

  • EcoEventManual.jpg

    The Eco-Efficient Major Event Manual

    January 4, 4:15 PM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    The Eco-Efficient Major Event Manual was launched, with some fanfare, in the middle of 2006. And the premise is very admirable. It is said to help organisers understand the environmental impacts that major events create. It advises how to implement

  • hopeinter.jpg

    Globe Hope: Finnish Fashion

    January 4, 8:24 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Fashion

    Finnish fashion has its own aesthetic; warm fabrics, bright colours (in response to those months of cold and darkness), and a slightly eccentric look. Like everywhere else, designers there have started to worry about waste and the state of the

  • secco.jpg

    Treasures of Wasteland

    January 3, 8:12 AM by Bonnie Alter in Style

    SECCO and The Treasures of Wasteland is the name of a Helsinki shop selling recycled goods, from clothing to computer-key magnets, to belts made out of car seatbelts. It is a surprise to find this place, nestled amongst vintage shops, hair dressers,

  • tree.jpg

    Return a Tree

    January 1, 9:48 AM by Bonnie Alter in Natural Sciences

    This little wooden cube contains a tree seed. The idea is that the box, when planted, will slowly rot, the seeds will sprout, and it will finally grow into the very tree that the cube was made of. Either curly birch, pine, alder, spruce or aspen

  • footstool1.jpg

    Dual Purpose Carrier

    December 28, 8:53 AM by Bonnie Alter in Economics

    It’s Finnish design. It’s ingenious and wacky, and endearing the more you look at it. They call it a "footstool" but we probably wouldn't. In any case, it has a dual purpose; serving as a seat and a bottle carrier for one to three bottles. Made of

  • 1784.jpg

    Let's Talk Baby Talk

    June 6, 6:08 AM by Bonnie Alter in Culture

    Responsible new parents are looking for ways to reduce the impact of disposable diapers. They want green clothes that are made of organic cotton and are free of chemicals but are still adorable. In response some small companies have started to create

  • bikejorg.jpg

    Perhaps We Are On the Wrong Bike

    June 3, 6:49 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    Perhaps we don't really get it. We bike every day with our fancy Lake shoes on our clipless pedals on our Norco roadbike when we learn from ReadingToronto that we should realy be riding a fabulous Dutch bike from Jorg and Olif. We go on about how bikes

  • concrete2.jpg

    It Slices, It Dices: Pollution Eating Concrete

    July 25, 8:35 AM by Tim McGee in Green Architecture

    Another tip came our way from Brian to check out a Wired News story on "Scrubbing Bubbles Hit the Streets". Turns out that nanotechnology can do more then keep your pants stain free - a coating of titanium dioxide on concrete surfaces has the ability to


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