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In Praise of Lemons

"Lemon tree, very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat..." Now there is an old folk song which under-estimates the virtues of this beautiful fruit. Most are grown in California, so they aren't

Get Drunk Guilt-Free

It's summer and beer-drinking time so why not make it organic? They taste just as good and benefit the environment. Since there are no artificial fertilisers or pesticides used in the grain production, that means it is healthier and better for the

Made With Hands

They are young, hip, and sell their wares from market stalls. These hand-knit delights are the product of twin sisters who are dedicated to "creating simple hand-made pieces using only 100% natural fibres and nothing else." Their aesthetic is nouveau

Last Call for Sunscreen

With Labour Day coming up and the last blast of summer sun, get that sunscreen out and put it on thick. We all know now how necessary it is to keep covered, wear a hat and not stay out too long. And we are aware of all the weird chemicals that are in

Jigsaws are Us

There is something so satisfying about watching a child play with a jigsaw puzzle; the way they hold the pieces and look at them--you can almost hear them thinking. And this one will teach them the names of all the states whilst they are at it. Made

Thames Water Tastes Best

Bottled water bashing has been an ongoing theme at Treehugger and for good reason: plastic bottles destroy the environment and why pay for what nature gives us. Lately there have been restaurants that have stopped serving it and it has been proven

The Homemade Homemaker

Perhaps the old ways were the better ways. Some of those remedies that your grandmother told you about really did work, and were purer, more environmental and cheaper than the complicated, hyped products that we are bombarded with today. Plus there

Really Trashy Umbrellas

This continues to be the worst and rainiest "summer" in years; even if it starts out looking good in the morning, and you think that it will be a proper summer day, no matter what you wear, the rain keeps coming. So an umbrella seems to be the most
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