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    The Sustainability Show

    November 2, 5:19 AM by Bonnie Alter in Clean Technology

    The Sustainability Show is a wide-ranging exhibition of new and familiar products demonstrating how we can reduce our negative impact on the world and make some good green consumer decisions. Tucked away in a corner of the ill-fated Millennium Dome

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    How Green Can a Newspaper Afford to Be?

    November 1, 5:07 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    The Guardian newspaper in the UK is a bit like the mouse that roared; its influence far exceeds its heft and sales. When it comes to writing about environmental and green issues, its writers and depth of coverage can't be beat. But it only sells

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    Greenwash Watch: Heinz Farmers' Market Soup Isn't

    October 31, 5:35 AM by Bonnie Alter in Green Food

    It started at a farmers' market in Stroud, and happened in the Thames Valley too. Local producers spotted Heinz Farmers' Market soups which claimed to use "selected ingredients inspired by a farmers' market." But they say that this is false

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    Organic Food is Healthier: Once More

    October 30, 5:44 AM by Bonnie Alter in Green Food

    We told you once, we told you twice, and here is it is again: organic food is healthier. After £12M and four years of study, it has been announced that organic fruit, vegetables and milk are more nutritious than non-organically produced. They may

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    When Is a Sell-Out a Sell-out?

    October 29, 5:03 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    The news that Abel & Cole have sold their organic vegetable delivery company to a private equity firm brings brings to mind other high profile buy-outs such as Ben & Jerry's, Green & Black's chocolate and the Body Shop. All claimed that their core

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    Anita Roddick Tribute: I am an Activist

    October 26, 5:00 AM by Bonnie Alter in Culture

    A public tribute to Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, was held on what would have been her 65th birthday. Attended by over 1,500 people, the actor Alan Rickman said that "Anita was was uncompromising, inspiring, and visionary, an active world

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    Abel & Cole Cash In

    October 25, 5:12 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    Abel & Cole was the first company to make home deliveries of organic fruit and vegetables in the the UK. Started in 1988 with £2,000 worth of travellers' cheques, Ken Abel began delivering boxes of farm-fresh organic vegetables to subscribers' front

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    FreeRice: Play a Game and Feed the Hungry

    October 24, 4:00 AM by Bonnie Alter in Economics

    It's not exactly on-message but it's addictive and it's for a good cause. FreeRice is a computer "game" that tests your vocabulary and for every word that you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations to end world hunger.

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    Delightful Dutch Designers

    October 23, 6:34 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    It's Dutch Design Week, so it seems appropriate to highlight some of the stars of the country. Dutch design has traditionally been eccentric, intelligent and part of the culture of the Netherlands. It has evolved from being witty to becoming more

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    Origin The London Craft Fair: Week 2

    October 22, 5:43 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Week two of Origin The London Craft Fair, the queen of all juried craft shows, has another 150 craftspeople displaying their wares. There is a different feel to the show this week: there are almost a dozen stands with exquisite delicate white Japanese

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    Divine Chocolate: The Big Winner

    October 21, 6:07 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    It's yummy, it's fair-trade and it's a big winner. Not only with the choco-holics, but also of the Enterprising Solutions Award. This prize is given to the most innovative social enterprises in the UK and this fair-trade chocolate company co-owned by

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    Apple Days

    October 19, 6:39 AM by Bonnie Alter in Lawn & Garden

    It's autumn and the celebration of apple harvests is taking place across the land. Time to enjoy the multitude of local varieties available, and take part in Apple Day on October 21. This year's theme is conserving orchards and creating community

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    More Hits from the London Design Festival

    October 18, 6:55 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    The London Design Festival is done and dusted, but everyone has their own views on the best of the fest'. Here are a few more entries that are sustainable and impressive. The Best Eco Product Award went to Peter Masters' Final Stand dining room table.

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    Role Models for London

    October 17, 6:12 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    With all the excitement over high profile activists such as Nobel Prize winning Al Gore, we sometimes forget that social and political change also comes from committed people and groups working together at the local level. In recognition of the

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    Look What I Found

    October 16, 6:55 AM by Bonnie Alter in Style

    "Look what I found" is not only the title of a new exhibit at a craft gallery but it is also an expression of excitement at the work displayed. This is the first time that this well-respected gallery has had a whole show of recycled and environmental

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    Meet People and Make Stuff

    October 12, 5:14 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Here's a winning combo: meet some new like-minded people and make something cool out of recycled or vintage materials. The Make Lounge offers craft workshops catering to a contemporary crowd. Given the frantic pace that we all live, its a nice

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    Parisians Love their Velib

    October 11, 6:09 AM by Bonnie Alter in Bikes

    We've read about the bicycles around Paris that you can pick up, ride and drop off elsewhere, and now we have seen them. And we are here to report that the concept works and the Parisians are using it like crazy. Called Vélib', you register to get a

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    The Powabyke Electric Commuter Bike

    October 10, 5:34 PM by Justin Thomas in Bikes

    The Powabyke Commuter is an electric bike designed with commuters in mind. It sells for around $1700 in the U.S., which about what you can expect to pay for a quality electric bike. I had the opportunity of trying this bike, while visiting the Green


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