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Do It Yourself

It might start with a quick fix-it project. It might start with wanting to save money. It might start with an interest in crafting something on your own. It might start with a desire to buy fewer consumer goods as an environmental statement. It might start with a personal challenge to be more self-reliant.

No matter how it begins, the drive to Do It Yourself is an important one, and has positive effects for your wallet, your psyche, and the environment.

Here you'll find all our content on DIY living, including awesome projects, repair help, and musings on the topic. Dive in, get inspired, and start DIYing!

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10 Wild 'N Crazy Bike Designs

What it lacks in practicality, the Circular Bike makes up for in fun and an interesting take on bike culture. Salvaged from nine bikes, it's a modular design, so it can be taken apart and put back together again. The creator/designer likes to leave it in
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