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The Cooking Project

Favorite vegetarian recipes, a novice chef, and a camera!

Falling into an uninspired and bored funk when it comes to cooking, TreeHugger editor Jaymi Heimbuch decided it was time to make a resolution to get back into the kitchen and get creative, or at least more enthusiastic than cooking the standard homemade pizza or sandwich for dinner. Rather than spending a ton of money on new recipe books, she thought why not go through the archives of the recipes on TreeHugger.

Kelly Rossiter has been whipping up amazing vegetarian dishes for years and posting her recipes for us to try. So Jaymi is going through them, cooking and photographing them as she goes. It's a project reminiscent of Julie and Julia. Jaymi will be regularly cooking up Kelly's recipes and republishing them with new mouthwatering photos and a few notes about what it was like to make these for herself.

"Hopefully 'The Cooking Project' will help improve not only my own eating habits and health, but also inspire everyone to try some of the great recipes we have here on the site thanks to Kelly," she says.

After enough inspiration and information gained through following Kelly's recipes, Jaymi will expand The Cooking Project to include all-new recipes of favorite vegetarian and vegan meals, snacks and desserts.

Here's to celebrating both well-loved and newly-created recipes!

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