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    Holiday Gift Guide: For the Foodie

    November 14, 10:40 AM by Jeff Nield in Green Home

    Photo via Sactivist Welcome to TreeHugger's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide, "Give Green to Save Green," your blueprint for the season's best earth-friendly gifts. Don't expect any electric roadsters or solar-powered robots, though; this year, we're all about

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    The Best Chocolate in the World Now on the Shelves at Whole Foods

    November 11, 2:30 AM by Leonora Oppenheim in Green Food

    If you have been following the journey of the Kallari organic chocolate cooperative since I first wrote about them in January 2006 you will be as delighted as we are to hear that Kallari chocolate bars are now available to buy from Whole Foods in the

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    100-Mile Diet for College Students

    August 25, 11:00 PM by Kristin Underwood in Green Food

    So eating local and the 100-mile diet sounds good to you, but you're a college kid on a meal-plan. You don't get to choose your food any more than you got to choose that night-owl roomate of yours. Well help is on the way

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    Smock Paper Offers First Bamboo Stationary Line

    August 12, 10:51 PM by Kristin Underwood in Corporate Responsibility

    Image source: Smock Paper Smock Paper is the first company in the US to offer "printing on luxury bamboo paper." For those of you hosting a party, getting married or just looking for something different to write home to mom on, Smock Paper offers an

  • world according to monsanto poster

    Monstrous Harvest: "The World According to Monsanto" Movie Review

    June 18, 9:48 AM by Kimberley Mok in Culture

    By all means, the deluge of damning information, string of political intricacies and overall ominous tone of the latest documentary by French journalist and director Marie-Monique Robin, "The World According to Monsanto," should have put me to sleep.

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    Healthy, Living Soils - Tools and Techniques to Safeguard Our Future

    April 17, 9:27 AM by Sami Grover in Lawn & Garden

    We all know that healthy soils are a central part of sustainability. From carbon sequestration to increased crop production, it's hard to overestimate the contribution good soil can make to our collective well-being (or the damage that can be done by

  • 2008-best-green-places-corvallis-oregon.jpg

    Best Green Place to Live in America: Country Home Magazine Ranks 'Em

    March 18, 1:58 PM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    The data has been logged; the numbers have been crunched, and, after a nationwide study on green living, Corvallis, Oregon (Hey, that's where I live. Look at that.) has been named the Best Green Place to live in America by Country Home Magazine. The

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    Where does Arnica Come From?

    March 11, 8:55 AM by Leonora Oppenheim in Sustainable Product Design

    Can design save the world? This was the title of a panel discussion hosted by the Art Fund at the Design Museum last night in London. Sharing the stage to address this contentious issue were TreeHugger favourites British design duo &Made;, the

  • Piedmont%20Biofarm.jpg

    Biofuel Coop Creates CSA

    October 6, 12:43 PM by Sami Grover in Green Food

    Anyone who has been reading TreeHugger for a while will know that we love Piedmont Biofuels, the Pittsboro NC based biodiesel cooperative, and not just because they create locally brewed, sustainably sourced biodiesel. As we saw in our interview with

  • farmer-john-cornfield2.jpg

    The Real Dirt on Farmer John

    April 5, 11:09 AM by Siel in Green Food

    What do orange feather boas have to do with farming? For Midwestern farmer John Peterson, bright, glammy outfits work just fine for his 80-90 hour weeks on the Angelic Organics farm. "I love glitz, I love glitter, I love glamour," says Farmer John

  • earth-day-eat-local-food.jpg

    Getting Ready for Earth Day: Eat Local Food

    April 4, 9:18 AM by Collin Dunn in Green Food

    When it comes to learning more & doing more to make your life greener and getting ready for Earth Day, the choices you make in the food you eat every day can make a tremendous impact. There are lots of food choices that you can make that are better

  • Be Wise Ranch

    Be Wise and Join a CSA

    March 31, 1:15 PM by Kristin Underwood in Green Food

    This is not just the story of a local farmer making good, this is the story two people, Bill and Marsanne Brammer, sharing a love for healthy food and working hard to spread organic food both locally and nationally. Begun in 1977, the Be Wise Ranch

  • buylocallogo%5B1%5D.jpg

    Buy Local Day: Saturday, November 18

    November 16, 10:27 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    This Saturday, November 18, is Buy Local Day. The campaign encourages TreeHuggers everywhere to vote with our dollars in favor of locally owned, independent businesses. It's better for the planet, its people, our communities and our economy, and is

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    My Candle Burns at Both Ends

    June 29, 6:21 AM by Bonnie Alter in Green Food

    Candles are sexy, spiritual, and look great at dinner parties. They are also an environmental nightmare. Many are made from paraffin wax, which is a by-product of petroleum. There have also been health concerns about inhalation of their smoke. The

  • 85lamps_01.jpg

    85 Lamps: Time to Retire

    April 6, 7:36 AM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    We love Droog Design-"The products they select need to combine functionality and conceptual clarity with a keen expression of awareness of cultural and technological references and contexts" and we love design site Funfurde. What we don't love is 85

  • SparxWatch.jpg

    Ventura - Human Powered Digital Watches

    April 5, 10:26 AM by Warren McLaren in Style

    Digital watches. Ha! How Cheap. You can almost get them free in a box of cereal these days. Think again. A Swiss company is producing luxury digital timepieces, with many a twist. While the pricing requires a well padded wallet, it's more the


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