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    Carbon Credits: They're Getting Personal

    December 14, 7:15 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    In July, we wrote about British environment minister David Miliband's idea for a personal carbon credit card that would require UK citizens to account for their individual contributions of greenhouse gases. We used the word "radical" to describe the

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    Help Wanted: Open Shutters Looking for Web Designer

    December 14, 1:10 AM by Team Treehugger in About TreeHugger

    [This is a guest post by Eugenie Dolberg. A bit different from what we usually cover, but very interesting. If you or someone you know can help them, please email Eugenie (contact info at the bottom of this post). Thank you.] In December 'Open

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    New LED Puts Incandescents, Fluorescents to Shame

    December 13, 9:10 PM by EcoGeek.org in Gadgets

    Seoul semiconductor has created a light emitting diode that emits roughly 240 lumens and claims the highest efficiency (amount of electricity to amount of light) of any light source. Fluorescents hit 70 lumens per watt, incandescents max out at 15, but

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    The Slate Green Challenge

    December 13, 2:26 PM by Brittany Jacobs in Culture

    Paper manufacturing is one of the six most energy-intensive American industries, accounting for about 35 million tons of CO2 each year. There are numerous ways to positively impact your paper usage around your home and office like printing double-sided

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    Sarah Victoria Organic Softwears

    December 11, 8:21 AM by Warren McLaren in Sustainable Fashion

    It’s incredibly challenging to get a new business established in Australia. Even with cheaper air transport, telecommunications and the web. It’s been labeled the ‘tyranny of distance’, and not only applies to how far everything is from Australia, but

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    The Time of My Life Cycle

    December 7, 12:54 PM by Jenna Watson in Sustainable Product Design

    You've probably heard the term at some point or undoubtedly read about it in other posts: "life cycle assessment" (sometimes "life cycle analysis" or "LCA"), that fascinating methodology that considers the impacts of a product or process from

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    Lipstick, Shampoo, Nail Polish - How Toxic is OK?

    November 7, 11:43 AM by Celine Ruben in Interior Design

    Innocent until proven guilty is a great policy when it comes to the law but when it comes to my personal health I'd much rather that unsafe chemicals don't make it into my lipstick even if they are not currently deemed dangerous. Yet, precisely that is

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    DIY Your Own Eco Wallpaper Paste

    October 31, 2:14 PM by Mairi Beautyman in Green Home

    Nowadays, wall paper paste comes with a slew of toxic ingredients. Not only does it smell terrible while you are applying it, chances are it will emit harmful VOCs (volatile organic compound) for years to come.

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    Infinia Plans Small-Scale Solar Stirling Dishes

    October 25, 2:58 PM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    Infinia, a company based in Kennewick, Washington, plans to release a Stirling solar dish about the size of a large satellite TV receiver. Instead of using photovoltaic cells, it will use the sun's heat to generate electricity. Standard solar

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    Climate Change Summit in Mexico: Political Will Needed

    October 3, 3:35 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Corporate Responsibility

    The energy and environment ministers of the G8 countries plus China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and more (the "top 20 polluters", to use the BBC's words) are meeting for two days in Mexico to continue what they started at the G8 summit at

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    Dark Cloud Over China's Water

    September 5, 12:27 PM by Alex Pasternack in Clean Water

    At a time when China's water prospects are quite dim, the country's available water sources are growing darker. Roughly two weeks ago, a local chemical company polluted a tributary of the Songhua River in the northeastern province of Jilin with a

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    Another Prius Hack: Mac Prius

    February 19, 9:21 AM by Christine Lepisto in Cars

    If you like what is quickly becoming a series on DIY upgrades for your Toyota Prius here at Treehugger and you missed the Digg, then allow us to point you to the "quest to make Mac Prius", or how to make a Mac Mini with audio and video work in Toyota's

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    Treehugger on Toothpaste

    September 17, 5:23 AM by Lloyd Alter in Health

    Toothpaste is tough. Our dentist, who we worship, insists that we use a flouride toothpaste; Others go nuts over flouride. We felt slightly less guilty buying flouride toothpaste from Tom's of Maine, where even the fluoride is natural. (right- ground up

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    TidEl Harnesses Lunar Energy?

    August 31, 3:07 PM by Jacob Gordon in Renewable Energy

    In a previous post we saw plans to propel freight ships with the help of giant paraglider-like sails. Here, instead of going up to catch high-speed air currents, TidEl technology goes down to the bottom of the ocean to harness strong water currents.

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    Sony Pioneers Use of Corn Based Plastics

    August 27, 7:30 AM by John Laumer in Clean Technology

    One of our readers suggested we pay more attention to Sony's growing use of corn-based plastic. Turned out to be a great idea. Here's an overview, with some life cycle analysis thrown in. In early 2003, a Sony webpage was dedicated to promoting and

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    "Down in the Dumps" for Chicago Residents

    August 25, 7:12 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Corporate Responsibility

    If you haven't been to the windy city, it's surely a place to visit. The Sears Tower, the Miracle Mile, Navy Pier the tour of the far South Side where landfills rise up like rolling hills. What, never heard of that tour? Well it certainly has been

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    Crystal Bridges by Moshe Safdie

    August 24, 12:23 PM by Justin Thomas in Sustainable Product Design

    These "Crystal Bridges" are designed by architect Moshe Safdie, and are being built for a museum and cultural centre in Bentonville, Arkansas. The design aims to enhance and protect the natural beauty of the site, and to achieve a high level of

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    August 24, 11:01 AM by Justin Thomas in Sustainable Product Design

    Houseboats — they inspire the imagination and, if you're fortunate enough, they can be an inexpensive, and environmentally-sound house to own. Today though, it's much harder to find space for a houseboat, due to shrinking access to waterfronts and


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