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    Top Five - Eco-Celebs

    January 20, 8:34 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Whether their fame comes from the screen or directly from the eco-work they do, we think celebrities getting environmental issues into the public eye is great. It’s easy for mega-earning movie stars to throw money at the problems, and sometimes money can

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    Jake Gyllenhaal and Future Forests

    January 6, 1:27 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    "I think I was brought up pretty aware of the environment," Jake Gyllenhaal tells the BBC, and making The Day After Tomorrow made him more conscious of environmental issues. While the film may have been high on the cheese factor, director Roland

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    Code Green TV Show

    December 3, 1:51 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    We've been telling you about various US celebrities with eco-TV plans (Cameron Diaz, Angela Lindvall, Danny Seo) for a couple of weeks, but everything's looking pretty preliminary. Not so for Canadian producers Ric Beairsto and Daniel Leipnik, who start

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    Cameron Diaz: Eco-Adventure Show for MTV

    November 19, 11:44 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Danny Seo isn’t the only one with a green lifestyle show in the works. Cameron Diaz is planning to star in a travel program for MTV that will raise awareness of eco-issues in each of her destinations. Adventure travel – she tries sand surfing in Chile –


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