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    design:e2: Challenging Us to Live Smarter and Greener

    June 16, 10:00 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    "The City is, in many ways, the greatest energy saving device ever created. There is no better model." so says architecture critic Paul Goldberger in the first episode of Design: e2, the amazing PBS series narrated by Brad Pitt and produced by Kontent

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    New Orleans Sustainable Design Competition Reminder

    June 15, 8:24 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Don't forget that Friday, 16 June is the last day to register for the Sustainable Design Competition . "Global Green and Brad Pitt have as their goal the generation of ideas for sustainable redevelopment in New Orleans, redevelopment that will encourage

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    Daryl Hannah Hosting Sierra Club Chronicles

    May 30, 11:29 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Like her co-ecoceleb Brad Pitt, Daryl Hannah of biodiesel and vlog fame is hosting an eco-themed monthly television series. Ms. Hannah is giving a hand to producers of the Sierra Club Chronicles - a program that "captures David vs. Goliath stories: the

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    Brad Pitt announces Sustainable Design Competiton for New Orleans

    April 20, 3:10 PM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    Brad Pitt and Global Green USA (founded by Mikhail Gorbachev) have announced that they are teaming up to sponsor a design competition to provide n opportunity for talented architects, urban planners, designers, ecologists and students to put forward a

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    Apple Talks About Building Green

    April 3, 11:42 AM by Warren McLaren in Sustainable Product Design

    Could it be that US televison's PBS is drinking a certain shade of Kool Aid? Previously we reported on their Global Warming series. Then about a possible planned series called Build It Green. And more recently on the program commencing in June: E2 —

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    Brad Pitt Hosts PBS Series On Green Design

    March 28, 7:28 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Indeed, the talented and (forgive me if you don't share my enthusiasm) totally hot actor will be narrating "Design: e2," a series about "the economies of being environmentally conscious." Set to air in June, the program "explores the most complex

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    Hip/Cute Recycled Plastic iPod nano Case

    March 24, 10:17 AM by Erin Courtenay in Style

    Sometimes, the most eco-friendly thing you can do is to take care of the stuff you've already got. This is especially true when the protector of said stuff is made of sustainable materials and generates cash for the planet, like the Jimi iPod Nano Case.

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    "Dress an Eco-Celeb" Contest: Last Day to Vote

    January 31, 9:58 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    With a close race in its last day, your vote is crucial in determining the winner of our "Dress an Eco-Celeb" Contest. If you have not yet voted, please check out our four great finalists and place a vote for the entry that you think is most TreeHugger.

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    "Dress an Eco-Celeb" Contest: Last Chance to Vote

    January 30, 8:26 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    That's right, voting to choose the winner of our "Dress an Eco-Celeb" Contest ends tomorrow night, January 31st. Whoever has with the most votes by then will win a great bag from contest sponsor HER Design - so make sure it goes to the "wist" you think

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    "Dress an Eco-Celeb" Contest: Voting Time

    January 26, 10:27 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Make sure to get your vote in for the finalists of our "Dress an Eco-Celeb" Contest . All four "wists" are chocked full of really great green clothing ideas and absolutely worth the minute or so it takes to check them out. Once you are done perusing

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    "Dress an Eco-Celeb" Contest: Finalists

    January 24, 11:09 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    We would like to to extend a huge thank you to everyone who entered our "Dress an Eco-Celeb" Contest and an even bigger thank you to our friends at HER Design for sponsoring it. Although all the entries we recieved were really great, in the end we could

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    "Dress an Eco-Celeb Contest": Sneak Peek

    January 12, 12:11 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Although the TreeHugger "Dress an Eco-Celeb" Contest goes until next Friday, we thought we would give you a quick sneek peak now. Coming to us from Bandon, Oregon, Marvel Selke's "Treehuggerz wist" offered sustainable attire for eco-celeb (and if you

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    Lenore Collection Bags: News You Can Use

    March 1, 7:40 AM by TreeHugger in Style

    Every day around the world, millions of newspapers, phonebooks and magazines are thrown away. Even though much of that is recycled, the beautiful images, colors, and patterns that artists went to so much trouble to create are destroyed in bleaching,

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    Jake Gyllenhaal and Future Forests

    January 6, 1:27 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    "I think I was brought up pretty aware of the environment," Jake Gyllenhaal tells the BBC, and making The Day After Tomorrow made him more conscious of environmental issues. While the film may have been high on the cheese factor, director Roland

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    Eco-Celeb: Brad Pitt

    December 8, 1:32 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Brad Pitt has a grudge against oil. He's swapped his fleet of conventional cars for hybrids, and was among celebrities to be a given a sneak preview of the new Lexus RX 400h luxury SUV hybrid. Back in 2001, he declared that energy independence should


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