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  • desert yoga

    5 Yoga Retreats We Want to Go on Now

    May 7, 6:10 AM by Blythe Copeland in Travel

    From coastal getaways to desert hotspots, these retreats sooth the body and soul.

  • bahamas eco volunteering photo

    7 Volunteer Vacations...in Warm Climates

    January 26, 9:00 AM by Blythe Copeland in Natural Sciences

    Right about now, winter is getting a little old -- especially for residents of the Northeast U.S. and Western Europe who've been pounded with snow, slammed by wind, and chilled with freezing temperatures for more than

  • nurse shark photo

    7 Eco Adventures that Could Kill You

    May 20, 10:41 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Natural Sciences

    Photo via Flickr Eco travel is all the new rage, but some trips require some real cohonas to take the plunge. From protecting sharks and crocodiles in Belize to biking Bolivia's Road of Death to volcano surfing in Nicaragua, these seven eco adventures

  • eco-libris.jpg


    July 31, 9:11 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    Eco-Libris wants American readers to put something back for all their bookworm pleasures. It's encouraging them to donate a dollar for each book they read, so trees can be planted to offset all the paper consumed. They figure that 20 million trees

  • Sustainable-Harvest.jpg

    Sustainable Harvest International

    February 9, 9:13 AM by Warren McLaren in Green Food

    Couldn't come up with a more succinct way of expressing this, so here it is direct from their website: "Central America has lost more than half of its rainforests in the last 50 years, contributing to mass extinctions and global warming. Rainforest


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