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The first day of Summer isn't until the third week of June each year, but this year you didn't have to wait until then to start feeling the heat. Almost anywhere you looked, records were falling -- it was the hottest winter ever, and the hottest year on record, so far -- and we're just barely halfway through the year. No matter how you slice it, it's awfully hot out there for an awful lot of people.

We want to help. While it may be tempting to just crank up the air conditioning and stay inside for the season, that just isn't feasible for most of us; besides, what do you do if the power goes out? How can you stay cool without A/C? And how can we design our houses, offices, clothes, and lives to work better in the midst of such stifling heat?

These questions and more will be answered below. Stay tuned for tips, tricks, ideas, rants, and raves about staying cool in a warming (and sometimes really, really hot!) world.

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