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    New York Times on Eco-Clothing

    December 13, 9:07 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Fashion

    Ignore the idiotic New York Times headline "A World Consumed by Guilt" that has absolutely no relevance to this excellent article about the ins and outs of so-called green clothing; Writer Eric Wilson notes accurately that "No matter how sincere

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    Bamboo + Ambulance = Bambulance for Kenya

    December 4, 9:50 AM by Petz Scholtus in Cars

    The Canadian charity Design For Development Society (DFD) fights poverty with design. How? By coming up with design solutions together with communities in developing countries that can be developed and sustained locally. DFD's aim is to "reduce

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    Toggery by Kate D'Arcy

    November 15, 5:06 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Style

    With her Toggery collection, 26-year-old designer Kate D'Arcy melds sleek vintage-inspired silhouettes with a relaxed versatility that makes her pieces look novel yet timeless. Dressed up or dressed down, they are,

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    Keep the Drips at Bay With ECO Pneumo Drybags

    November 15, 9:16 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    Remember the award winning ECO Thermo inflatable sleeping pad from Pacific Outdoor Equipment, which was green right down to its hemp cord in the stuff sac drawstring? Well, not wanting to let the grass grow under their feet the same guys have been at it

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    One Year Ago in TH: Climate Skepticism, Kids Taking Action + More

    November 10, 1:59 PM by Collin Dunn in About TreeHugger

    It's always interesting to take a peek at the archives from last year; in some ways, it shows us how far the green world has come over the past 365, but in other ways, it highlights that the more things change, the more they stay the same. When it

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    SuperGreen Boards: Bamboo Skateboards

    November 5, 3:19 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Sustainable Product Design

    Another option for environmentally conscious skater dudes and dudettes: SuperGreen Boards, which manufactures eco-friendly custom longboards, slalom, and speedboards out of bamboo.

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    BuyGreen: Dining Tables

    October 31, 11:23 PM by Collin Dunn in Green Home

    While TreeHugger knows that using what you've got 'til it's gone is the greenest way to go, but we all have to replace our old faithful with new favorites eventually. When that time comes, we want you to know some of the good green ways to go. On this

  • jill-salisbury-environmental-language-interview.jpg

    Jill Salisbury, Founder of el: Environmental Language Furniture, on Green Design

    October 27, 9:33 AM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    The good people at Apartment Therapy: Chicago have an interesting interview with Jill Salisbury, the founder of el: Environmental Language Furniture (we covered them here on TreeHugger) about sustainability, product design and green materials.

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    BuyGreen: Women's Casual Shoes

    October 23, 8:31 PM by Collin Dunn in Green Home

    TreeHugger knows that unrestrained consumerism, no matter how green the product, is no way to achieve sustainability. Still, we all have to buy stuff, from time to time, so for when those times come around, we want you to know that there are lots of

  • googlestore.jpg

    A Greener Google Store

    October 23, 7:03 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Style

    Google swag has become a whole lot greener because of a new eco-forward initiative that has the company stocking organic cotton hoodies, bamboo tees, hemp travel organizers, recycled denim pencils, and soy candles—even a baby blanket made from recycled

  • envirosax1.jpg

    Envirosax Grows Its Sustainable Collection

    October 23, 6:29 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Style

    Now that its hemp and linen designs are taking off, the Australia-based Envirosax is expanding its use of sustainable fabrics with a new collection of bamboo textile shopping totes.

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    Artek: Sustainability from Aalto to Dixon

    October 22, 3:58 PM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    Courtesy of the NY Times, we get an up close and personal look at Finnish furniture company Artek, who've taken old-school notions of sustainability like durability and timeless

  • EcoVerse.jpg

    Nulethics EcoVerse

    October 5, 5:08 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    Now it's somewhat akin to 'the pot to be calling the kettle black' for me, of all people, to be pointing out spelling mistakes and typos (after all, my indiscretions in this regard are legendary), but the Nulethics' website prose is rife with

  • REI-Boulder.jpg

    REI To Open New Prototype Green Store in Boulder

    October 4, 12:15 PM by Warren McLaren in Sustainable Product Design

    The green team at the outdoor gear co-op, REI (Recreational Equipment Inc,) can't be getting much sleep of late. They seem to be rolling our some new eco-endeavour every month. In August it was their Eco-Sensitive product labelling. Last month we

  • Beklina-Fall-07.jpg

    Beklina Ethical Fashion Store: Fall '07

    September 25, 1:00 PM by Leonora Oppenheim in Style

    The online ethical fashion store Beklina has got in contact to tell us that not only are they stocking Stewart and Brown's Fall collection, but they also have two more exciting labels for us to enjoy. Beau Soleil is an fashion label by New York

  • th-forums-090707-disposable-pens.JPG

    TH Forums Highlights: Disposable Crap Avalanche, Bamboo Forests + More

    September 7, 3:01 PM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    1) Forums user tracylee is engaging in a heated discussion at work over the disposable crap -- pens, sticky notes, etc. -- that the company gives away at conferences. Rather than choosing between two

  • satsuma_swaddle.jpg

    Satsuma Spins Bamboo for Your Newborn

    September 7, 2:53 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    If you want the best blend of comfort, health, and eco-friendliness for your newborn (and for some reason we think you do), you gotsta go with bamboo fiber. For this reason, Satsuma is starting their line with one and only one product: a 100% bamboo

  • yogagurl.jpg

    YogaGurl Turns to Bamboo

    September 7, 2:02 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Style

    Toronto-based YogaGurl dips a foot into sustainable yoga threads with its limited-edition 100 percent organic bamboo tee. Designed by the company's founder (and yoga teacher) Alexandra Leikermoser, the lightweight deep-V top, available in aqua for the


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