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  • The X-Prize Foundation is offering $10 million for alternatives to jet fuel photo

    X-Prize to Offer $10m for Sustainable Jet Fuel

    July 22, 8:14 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    The X-Prize for Aviation The X-Prize Foundation's efforts to encourage greener cars has already been attracting multi-million dollar sponsorships, and may have even inspired John McCain's proposed competition for better battery technology. Now the

  • Bombardier-CSeries-fuel-efficient-jet-photo.jpg

    Bombardier Launches Fuel Efficient Jet

    July 19, 8:00 AM by Jesse Fox in Aviation

    Life hasn't been easy for the airlines lately. As fuel prices wreak havoc with the industry's bottom line, carriers have responded by dumping older, less efficient jets,

  • squeezing every drop of weight photo

    The Slimfast Diet for Airplanes

    July 15, 10:54 AM by Lloyd Alter in Aviation

    We learned in back in high school physics that it takes energy to move a mass, and the more mass, the more energy. Paul Kedrosky lists some of the tiny moves that airlines are making to squeeze every ounce

  • US-Airways-Raising-Rates-Image.jpg

    US Airways to Start Charging for Checked Baggage, Drinks

    June 16, 7:00 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    High fuel costs have been forcing airlines to shave costs everywhere they can, for instance by slowing down, eliminating magazines and cutting flights. Those efforts, however, haven't been enough, as evidenced by a statement by US Airways CEO Doug

  • Eurostar is affordable if you shop around photo

    Eurostar Is Cheaper If You Shop Around

    June 12, 9:44 AM by Sami Grover in Cars

    Eurostar Competing with Airlines In these times of record oil prices and global warming fears, train-operator Eurostar seems to be becoming an increasingly popular choice for folks wanting to travel between mainland Europe and the UK. With studies

  • Air New Zealand is experimenting with jatropha for biofuels photo

    Air New Zealand Sets Sustainable Biofuels Goal for 2013

    June 9, 9:13 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    It seems like there's a lot of buzz around non-food biofuels in aviation these days. Only yesterday we reported on a company promoting algae biofuels technology to KLM airlines and major cruiseships, although it has to be said that some of our

  • Bombardier Turboprop aircraft uses 64% of the fuel of equivalent jets photo

    Efficient Modern Turboprop Aircraft are Making a Comeback

    June 6, 8:43 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    The turboprop aircraft is making a comeback, with sales to one of the only remaining manufacturers quadrupling in 2007 and a continued upsurge expected. With high oil prices, concerns over climate change, and uncertain economic conditions keeping

  • 111606-p1.jpg

    Delta Airlines Takes Small Paper-less Step Towards Greening

    June 4, 11:51 PM by Kristin Underwood in Aviation

    After posting on JetBlue’s new green initiative, we were eager to hear about the latest changes at Delta Airlines to go green as well. Heck, after all of the news this week about airlines suffering more setbacks due to rising costs, we figured that

  • Jet Blue Reduces Its Carbon Footprint

    May 31, 1:30 PM by Kristin Underwood in Aviation

    When big culprits of CO2 emissions, like the airlines, decide to go green, we at Treehugger take notice. We've reported on airlines eliminating flights to save fuel, and got some really interesting commentson

  • cell-phones-on-planes.jpg

    Find Flights Annoying? Now Combine Flying With Loud Cell Phone Conversations!

    April 7, 8:12 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    As airlines try to save money by cutting flights and even using lighter meal carts, combined with heightened security, lost baggage and the guilt over spewing CO2 into the atmosphere, it seems flying couldn't get any more unpleasant. But now, thanks to

  • airplane-airport-terminal.jpg

    Airlines Shaving Costs Everywhere They Can

    April 6, 5:21 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    We recently covered truckers protesting the high price of diesel, but truckers aren't the only people concerned about rising fuel costs. Airlines, whose largest expense is now fuel, are taking action, and they are doing more than cutting flights to

  • airlines are under pressure from rising fuel costs

    Airlines Cut Flights and Planes to Save Fuel

    March 20, 8:15 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    We’ve already seen the profits of Ryanair and British Airways squeezed by higher oil prices, not to mention, in the words of Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary, ‘eco-loonies’ avoiding unnecessary air travel.

  • airline-carbon-footprint.jpg

    US Airlines Must Pay the Price of Carbon Emissions or Lose EU Flights

    March 16, 4:20 PM by George Spyros in Aviation

    If you're not attempting to reduce your airline's carbon emissions by flying the first all-biofuel jumbo-jet flight, the efficacy of which is in and of itself up for debate, the EU requires your airline to subscribe to a carbon trading *cough* scheme.

  • delta-sky.jpg

    Delta Airlines Celebrates Green Issue, Initiatives

    February 29, 12:11 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Cars

    Delta Air Lines held quite a hootenanny at its Sky360° lounge in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday to celebrate the launch of its in-flight magazine's environmentally themed March 2008 issue, which you can read in its entirety online. Reason enough to

  • Heathrow Airport protesters scale Parliament roof

    Airport Protesters Scale Parliament

    February 28, 9:08 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    It certainly seems like the folks protesting Heathrow Airport's planned runway expansion are not afraid of guns. Having breached security and climbed on top of a plane earlier this week, yesterday a group of activists found their way to the roof of

  • protesters invade Heathrow airport

    Heathrow Protesters Breach Security

    February 25, 9:36 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    From mock billboards to the Camp for Climate Action, Heathrow Airport has been the scene of a number of climate-related protests. As far as we know, however, today may be the first time that campaigners have gone as far as breaching airport security

  • electronic-ticket-image.jpg

    Paper Tickets Are Flying Away For Good

    February 24, 8:00 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    In just three months, according to the International Air Transport Association, 100% of tickets issued for air travel will be electronic. This is an impressive figure given that four years ago "just 18 percent of airline tickets issued worldwide were

  • monterey book photo

    CBS: Forget Flying, Amtrak is In

    February 19, 12:42 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    Amtrak ridership is at an all time high - last year 26 million passengers took the train instead of driving or flying. While this may not compare to the hundreds of millions of passengers on Europe and Asia's high-speed rails, there is a clear trend


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