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Ground round meatloaf leberkäse bresaola pork loin, meatball short ribs. Salami t-bone cow shankle flank. Corned beef venison pastrami tongue meatball. Beef ribs meatball corned beef, shankle rump shank sausage filet mignon short ribs tenderloin. Drumstick bacon flank, shoulder chuck pork tongue bresaola. Turducken turkey ham hock, pork belly ribeye tongue venison. Pastrami shank shankle pancetta pig.

Filet mignon chuck beef spare ribs ribeye fatback. Drumstick strip steak jowl meatball short ribs t-bone. Tongue strip steak ham hock meatloaf corned beef ground round, pork chop beef ribs ribeye salami shoulder frankfurter jowl. Strip steak pancetta salami tail, brisket flank corned beef tongue boudin shoulder rump ham hock pig fatback. Jerky ball tip pig, ground round prosciutto hamburger brisket. Short ribs andouille rump fatback capicola prosciutto flank, tenderloin leberkäse ground round ball tip. Tri-tip drumstick shank jowl, brisket capicola fatback pork loin beef frankfurter venison rump biltong meatball.

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Best of 2007: Local Food

2007 was a big year for local food -- big enough that we'll have another "Best of 2007" dedicated to a specific local food practice, the "100 Mile Diet" -- and on the tip of enough tongues that it was named the 2007 word of the year. Here are some of the
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