100 Mile Diet

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  • The-Fife-Diet.jpg

    The Fife Diet: Will the Wee Bairns Still Ask For McDonalds?

    December 21, 7:59 AM by Warren McLaren in Green Food

    271 km² is just a little over 100 square miles. It is also the area of Scotland's third largest local authority, Fife. Which makes it a prime candidate for a Scottish version of the now famous 100 Mile Diet from Vancouver.

  • P1000117.JPG

    Local Food: The New Competitive Edge

    October 4, 2:31 PM by Lloyd Alter in Green Food

    It sure doesn't look like much from the outside, and although we have lived in the neighbourhood for over 20 years we had never set foot in Fiesta Farms, usually going to the local Loblaws instead. Then we learned that Fiesta Farms is the first big

  • 100-mile-cafe.jpg

    The 100 Mile Café: More for the Locavore

    September 28, 8:00 PM by Warren McLaren in Green Food

    It's a little over two years since we first reported on Alisa Smith and James Mackinnon's 100 Mile Diet. Yet in that time their experiment has cooked up a website and a book, as well as inspiring many locally focused eateries like the Local Burger

  • fisherstrip.jpg

    Fisher on the 100 Mile Diet

    September 6, 3:40 PM by Lloyd Alter in Green Food

    I have always been fond of Philip Street's comic strip "Fisher" in the Globe and Mail. The protagonist is a frustrated writer working in a job he hates at an advertising agency; sounds like a lot of people I know. He did a cute series on the 100 mile

  • smithmackinnon.jpg

    Two Years Ago in TreeHugger: The Hundred Mile Diet Discovered

    July 15, 8:34 AM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. Trolling two year old archives is surprising for how many posts cover Exxon, modern prefab, solar messenger bags and yes, organic T's.

  • fredthomp.jpg

    Fred Thompson, Soon-to-Be GOP Candidate, on Climate Change

    June 1, 4:30 PM by Alex Pasternack in Corporate Responsibility

    While the Democrats' dream candidate resists calls to quit his day job and return to politics, it looks like future Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson is already establishing the kind of science credentials popular (despite some late

  • btcelementsbikini.jpg

    Ethical Bathing Suits at BTC Elements

    June 1, 3:53 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Style

    Because summer is here, we've been on the hunt for some ethical beachwear. And although the solar powered bikini was a big hit with our readers, we were looking for something that was a bit more practical. We instantly found what we were looking for

  • 100%20mile%20diet%20book.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Radish Salad

    May 18, 9:37 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    As you know, the big trend right now is to purchase local produce. Some people say if your grandparents didn't eat it, don't buy it. Living in Toronto that would mean no bananas or citrus fruits among many other things so I do occasionally break down.

  • wndc_1.jpg

    The (Almost) 100-Mile Diet Dinner in Newport, RI

    May 17, 12:22 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Green Food

    Last night, TreeHugger and Slate Green Challenge organizer Meaghan O’Neill hosted our Wednesday Night Dinner Club here in Newport, RI. Every other week our friends get together for dinner and it’s hosted at a different house. The hosts cook dinner for

  • Th-Radio-31.jpg

    TreeHugger Radio: The Long Journey of Staying Close to Home

    May 3, 5:35 PM by Team Treehugger in TreeHugger Radio

    On the first day of spring in 2005, Alisa Smith and James Mackinnon started a culinary revolution. They didn’t know it at the time. All they were trying to do was defy the disappointing statistic that the average food item on a North American plate

  • food%20graphicsmall.jpg

    Update on Tainted Pet Food: We Are Next

    May 2, 8:51 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Food

    When last we wrote about this subject we titled it "Tainted Pet Food: We could be Next" and expressed concern that "Is the human food system so different? Do all industrially farmed pigs or cows get some additive or drug that could come back to harm us,

  • happymeat.jpg

    Finding a Place to Make Happy Meat

    April 16, 8:14 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Food

    That is what Vanessa at Greenasathistle calls sustainably grown and butchered meat as promoted by the Meatrix people at the Sustainable table. If you are not going to go vegetarian, the next best thing is to at least get your meat from contented cows.

  • earth-day-eat-local-food.jpg

    Getting Ready for Earth Day: Eat Local Food

    April 4, 9:18 AM by Collin Dunn in Green Food

    When it comes to learning more & doing more to make your life greener and getting ready for Earth Day, the choices you make in the food you eat every day can make a tremendous impact. There are lots of food choices that you can make that are better

  • 100milesuit055.jpg

    The Hundred Mile Suit

    April 2, 10:38 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Fashion

    If the world were fair, Malcolm Gladwell would get a quarter every time someone used the phrase Tipping Point and Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon would get one as well when anyone used the Hundred Mile Something. Today we present the 100 Mile Suit, a

  • siel-100m-dd-002.jpg

    Siel's 100-Mile Diet Adventures Finale

    March 12, 9:39 AM by Siel in Green Food

    Coffee's the first thing I have in the morning, as anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows. And most who drink coffee know that those beans doesn't

  • siel-100m-z-01.jpg

    100-Mile Diet: Liquid Dinner

    February 12, 11:23 AM by Siel in Green Food

    100-mile dieters in Californians are lucky, because if a locally-grown meal somehow goes wrong, they can always buy a nice bottle of Californian wine to get

  • Diggers-Club-Book.jpg

    Book Review: Fruit & Vegetable Garden - Diggers Club

    February 12, 7:57 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    The essential premise is that the average Australian household could, for the small up-front cost of $250 AUD be harvesting 254 kg of fruit & veggies from their front yard. A years supply, they suggest (and on their website they reckon such a garden


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