Tackling Plastic Pollution with Trivia

Every question answered helps remove plastic from the ocean.

Plastic bag floating over reef in the ocean, Costa Rica
Plastic bag floating over a reef in the ocean, Costa Rica. mattpaul / Getty Images

How does one person have an impact on plastic pollution when the issue is so big, so daunting? Enter freetheocean.com. Free the Ocean offers a free way to make a difference in plastic pollution, from wherever you are in the world. Simply answer a daily ocean-related trivia question and a piece of plastic will be removed from the ocean. Advertisers on the site fund the cause partner who is actually removing the plastic. 

[Visit Free the Ocean here.]

The daily trivia offers a fun and educational way to help be part of the solution. It’s free for everyone, and you can sign up for an account to track your impact, moving up levels as you keep playing. 

One click equals one piece of plastic removed – a perfect example of small actions creating a big impact. Although one piece may not sound like much, it really adds up. To date, Free the Ocean has funded the removal of over 12 MILLION pieces of plastic from the ocean and coastlines. 

Free the Ocean takes a unique approach to the issue of plastic pollution – giving us all a positive way to make a tangible difference on something that otherwise can seem overwhelming. Plus, the trivia offers an easy way to learn more about our ocean, life underwater, and what we can do to protect this precious ecosystem.  

Go check out FreeTheOcean.com to answer today’s trivia, and sign up for a Daily Reminder, so you can remember to help the ocean every day!