T-Shirt Campaign Shows Support for Free-Range Parenting

©. Let Grow (used with permission)

Fun slogans remind people that kids should be allowed to play freely.

Let Grow is an organization that receives frequent mention in my articles for TreeHugger. It was co-founded by Lenore Skenazy, a New York City journalist and mother who was criticized for letting her 9-year-old ride the subway alone. That experience led to the development of her enormously popular Free Range Kids blog. Skenazy has since become a well-known advocate for independent and risky play, while continuing to write about the dangerous ways in which our culture force-feeds fear to parents.

I am a big fan of Skenazy's approach and a supporter of free-range parenting in general. I believe that children have a right to independence, and that to withhold it is deeply harmful to their physical and emotional development. At the same time, I am intensely aware of how social media and news outlets fuel irrational fears and cause parents to base their decisions on statistically negligible scenarios, which is deeply unfortunate.

better scraped than sorry

© Let Grow (used with permission)

Let Grow has a clever new idea for challenging the conversation around what kids should be allowed to do. It has launched a small t-shirt campaign called Threads of Resilience with five fun designs that are bound to provoke discussion, while demonstrating support for the free range parenting movement. The different slogans read as follows:

– Play more, fear less
– Mud's good for childhood
– Better scraped than sorry
– Occupy Trees
– Currently on an Adventure

little girl running with tee

© Let Grow (used with permission)

The t-shirts come in youth, unisex, and women's slim fit sizes and available to order on the Let Grow website. Proceeds will go back to the organization to further its work. Show your support for free-range parenting and children's independence by ordering one of these cute shirts today.