Swiss-Engineered Premium E-Bike Offers 70-Mile Range & 28 Mph Top Speed

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The Stromer ST1 X looks to be geared to the hyperconnected city dweller who wants to ditch the car in favor of a two-wheeled electric transport option.

Electric bikes are fast becoming a viable option for many who might not otherwise choose to cycle, thanks to e-bikes' ability to take a lot of the effort out of riding up hills and longer distances. And with a great many options for e-bike buyers on the market right now, ranging from folding e-bikes, sub-$500 e-bikes, fat tire and cargo e-bikes, there's something for just about everyone.

The latest model from Swiss e-bike company Stromer seems to take a page from Tesla's book, as the ST1 X offers a stylish and streamlined look, a nicely-integrated and uber-connected technology stack, and a relatively long 'driving' range, but with a bit of a hefty price tag attached to it. It's nowhere near as costly as the company's ST2 S, which runs close to $10,000, but the ST1 X sits clearly in the "how am I going to save up for that?" category. However, if this bike can indeed replace the need for a car for some people, it's quite possible that the savings from avoiding the registration, insurance, and gas and maintenance costs for a car can offset the cost of a new Stromer e-bike.

Stromer ST1 X e-bike

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The Stromer ST1 X is powered by a 618 Wh lithium ion battery, which sits inside the bike's down tube, and it has the potential to drive the bike's 500W rear hub motor at speeds of up to 28 mph for a range of up to 70 miles per 5-hour charge (or up to 90 miles of range with an optional 814 Wh battery). The battery can be charged in the bike, or removed for charging elsewhere. An 11-speed Shimano gearset allows the rider to select the optimal pedaling cadence for their route, dual disc brakes offer security in slowing down and stopping, and a regenerative braking system is said to allow for an increased riding range.

Some of the other features of the ST1 X are reminiscent of the Tesla models, in that an integrated touch screen on the bike's top tube allows for easy access to some of the bike's features, including the level of pedal-assist, and updates happen over-the-air, so the bike's electronics always have the latest firmware version. The bike communicates with the company's OMNI app, which handles a host of other features, including ride and bike stats, GPS location services, and configuration options, as well as anti-theft protection features, including remote locking and unlocking.

Several different variations of the ST1 X are available, including different frame sizes and three different colors, and all include front and rear lights, fenders, and a rear rack. The Stromer ST1 X is priced a little on the steep side, with prices starting at $4999, so it's less likely to be an impulse purchase than a well thought out decision, but the guys at Electric Bike Review gave it a thorough review and a thumbs-up, so if you're the type that can make an impulse buy of $5K, then it may be well worth considering.