Sweet Swedish Pair Rescues a Moose From Frozen Lake

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Video screen capture. Älg i vak/YouTube

What would you do if you came across a giant ruminant stuck in the ice? Here's how this quick-thinking couple saved the day.

Enormous animals and frozen lakes don't make for the best mix – especially when enormous animals wander onto relatively thin ice. Such must have been the case not long before the arrival of a Swedish couple on their way to "the hole." I'm not sure if stranded moose are common in Sweden, but these two good samaritans leapt – well, skated – into quick action and got to work freeing the poor thing. After around 30 minutes, the moose was able to emerge from the icy abyss – a little shaky in the knees, but apparently in fine-enough form to saunter into the woods.

As described in the text accompanying the video:

"På väg mot vaken såg vi älgen göra flera misslyckade försök att ta sig upp själv. Den klarade heller inte att knäcka isen och ta sig in till land på egen hand, så min sambo, Sigrid Sjösteen, började ivrigt hugga upp en ränna in till grundare vatten. Vi turades om att hugga i omkring 30 minuter innan älgen var i säkerhet på land."

Or, in other words:

"On our way to the hole, we saw the moose make several attempts at getting out of the water, but it could neither get up nor break the ice to get into shore. My partner, Sigrid Sjösteen, eagerly started to chop a pathway to shallower water, where it could reach the bottom and get out. We took turns chopping for about 30 minutes before the moose was out of danger."

Watch the moose mission below; feel the heartwarming tingle of faith in humanity being restored.