6 Sweet, Last-Minute DIY Gifts for Father's Day

Still searching for the perfect gift for dad? Chances are, he will love one of these easy-to-make DIY Father's Day gifts. Make one — or make them all — for your favorite dad this weekend!

light up fathers day card

Light-up Father's Day card. Ready to make the coolest Father's Day card ever? Show dad some love with this awesome light-up card Father's Day card from the bloggers at pi'ikea street. They walk you through each step so even a novice (like me) can make it work. And you can find the supplies — an LED light, a 3-volt battery, cardstock — at any hardware store. Go ahead, light up dad's life with this amazing card.

Fathers Day grill apron

Father's Day grill apron. Hands down, this DIY idea from Whimsical Kids Canvas is the best grill apron dad could ever get. And it's easy-peasy to make with a plain apron, some paint, and lots of little hands. Guaranteed, this is one gift your kids will LOVE to make and dad will love to use!

Father's Day lunchbox with cookies

Father's Day toolbox. Sure, dad loves his toolbox, but wouldn't he love it even more if it were filled with COOKIES! This idea is inspired by a pic I saw on Pinterest from Mrs. Fields, but you don't have to buy the brand name to make this idea work. Just use any old plain toolbox and fill it with your dad's favorite treats.

Nuts and bolts frame for fathers day

Nuts-and-bolts frame. I love this picture frame idea from B-Inspired Mama because it is both easy to make and easy to customize. The frame comes together with just a few popsicle sticks and some glue and then kids can decorate it in any color or using any dad-bling they like. Nuts and bolts are perfect for the dad who loves tools just as golf tees would be great for the golf-loving dad or lug nuts for the dad who loves cars.

Fathers Day keyrings

Necktie key rings. This necktie keyring from Positively Splendid is sure to steal dad's heart and add some style to his keychain. It's such a great way to give dad a gift he can carry with him all day long. There is a little bit of sewing involved but it's not too hard for those with a machine and/or some basic sewing skills.

Fathers Day aftershave

Father's Day aftershave. Dad will be smelling sweet with this DIY aftershave from day2day joys. I've always been too intimidated to make my own toiletries, but these DIY instructions make it all sound so easy — and easy to customize to dad's skin type and scent preferences. And her ingredients are so wholesome and healthy, so it's much better for dad to slap on his skin than a handful of the big-box brand.