Swearing Parrots Removed From View at Wildlife Park

The cursing African gray parrots were a hit, but not exactly family-friendly.

Elsie gray parrot
Elsie is one of the park's swearing African gray parrots.

 Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Five cursing parrots were removed from public view at a wildlife park in the U.K. after they started hurling obscenities at visitors.

The African gray parrots were donated to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in Friskney, which is home to the National Parrot Sanctuary. The sanctuary houses more than 1,500 parrots, many of which have been surrendered to the park by owners who can no longer care for them.

When the new birds arrived in mid-August, they were quarantined together. That’s when park employees found the parrots shared a love for colorful language.

“I would imagine they were words spoken frequently in their homes,” the park’s CEO Steve Nichols tells Treehugger.

Billy, Jade, Tyson, Eric, and Elsie all happened to know a lot of curse words. It’s hard not to laugh when a bird lets loose with a four-letter word. Smiling and laughter only encourages them more, Nichols says.

When the birds were through with quarantine and put into a public enclosure, they started showing off by cursing at visitors. The birds also learned how to mimic laughter so one would swear and the others would laugh, causing a bit of a scene.

“They are very popular with visitors, they love them and it makes us smile when you can hear the visitors repeating what the parrots say,” Nichols says.

Although some visitors found this entertaining, Nichols was concerned that parents with small children might not be so amused.

So the park decided to separate the birds and put them in non-public enclosures, with the expectation that they'll cut back on the obscenities and learn more parrot-like noises from their new roommates. Hopefully, the swearing birds won’t teach their colorful language to their new friends. 

On social media, fans were disappointed that the parrots were separated and no longer on display. Some people insisted they would make the trek and even pay more to see the swearing parrots.

“If you decide to exhibit these brilliant birds again I will probably take a big road trip just to come and see them. Can you keep us updated please? I love a potty mouthed parrot,” wrote Zoe Rushforth on Facebook.

“I reckon people would pay a premium to be sworn at by one of your amazing parrots,” wrote Steve Bocock.

This isn’t the first winged resident to make headlines from the park. Earlier this year, Chico, a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot, went viral with his version of Beyonce's “If I Were a Boy.” Listen to him, above.