Zero Energy Christmas Decoration Lights Up Under Existing Streetlamps

lavola zero energy christmas street lighting© Lavola

Little by little most cities are switching to LED christmas lighting in order to save energy. But how about using the light from already existing street lamps to spark off the festive season? Lavola in Spain has designed some off-the-grid parasite lamps so to speak. What I like about them, apart from their zero energy use, is the fact that they look good by night and by day, something most christmas lights do not.

Their briefing was to design a new christmas street decoration that looks good of course, has a minimum impact on the environment and does not require energy, is durable and reusable as well as easy to assemble and disassemble. Some gold plated aluminium chains of adjustable sizes are attached to the existing street lamps to create the 3D shapes. The reflective material shines in the sun as well as when the street lights are on during the night. A life cycle analysis that compared this christmas lighting with a traditional one over a period of 15 years resulted in these lights having a 37% smaller impact on climate change.