Zero Carbon Development by Will Alsop in UK


Buildings by Will Alsop are certainly eyecatching and fun, transforming the cities where they appear. They can also be cutting-edge environmentally; this redevelopment of some ratty old docklands in Middlesbrough into housing, hotel, office and retail uses will be the largest carbon free development in the UK. it is being built by Bioregional Quintain, a joint venture between the cutting edge green development nonprofit that built BedZED, and a big UK property developer.


Bioregional Quintain builds according to the ten principles of "one planet living" developed with the WWF:

• Zero Carbon
• Zero Waste
• Sustainable Transport
• Local and Sustainable Materials
• Local and Sustainable Food
• Sustainable Water
• Natural Habitats and Wildlife
• Culture and Heritage
• Equity and Fair Trade
• Health and Happiness


Toss in Alsop's sense of fun and style and drab Middlesbrough becomes an eyepopping new place. ::World Architecture News, ::The CoolHunter, ::The Guardian via ::ReadingToronto

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