Zeppelin Hangar Has Monster Green Roof

zeppelin hangar green roof image open architecture
Images Credit OPEN Architecture

While investment in infrastructure in America disappears, in China they are reaching for the sky with Zeppelins and building hangars to house them. OPEN Architecture designed this one, which has " a prefabricated concrete frame and panel system, an innovative and fully integrated structural skin that carries vertical loads of structure, roof installations and ceiling crane while opposing lateral forces with highly optimized shape that minimizes material while expressing the combined efficiency of structure, economy and form."zeppelin hangar green roof image open architecture

The architects tell ArchDaily:

Flexible and highly efficient structural framework minimizes maintenance and construction costs while permitting a highly differentiated and modular system of cuts and openings that modulate natural light, facilitate ventilation and rain water management, as well as generate sufficient energy to realize a zero maintenance green roof.

zeppelin hangar green roof image open architecture
The structure arises from layers of earth that are thrust upward by a geological process of uplift exposing a spatial pocket in the earth for airship operations. The manifested "natural" landform seamlessly integrates with site both visually and systemically as a member of a self-sustaining networked ecology of tree-covered mountains and landscapes.

zeppelin hangar green roof image open architecture
The uplift landform acts not only as a structure to house the zeppelin; it is also an inhabitable landscape. Hiking trails, extreme vertical sports surface and viewing outposts clad the surface of the landform in providing leisure attraction to the surrounding area.

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