Zelos Desk Gets Small

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As we migrate to smaller spaces but also work at home on our laptops, it is nice to see desihttp://www.classicon.com/images/copyright.gifgns don't take up much space but also let our work go away when we are done with it. Christoph Böninger's Zelos desk isn't very big when it is closed up;

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But easily opens with the simplest of mechanisms to become a wider workspace. The thickness of the boxes makes it solid without any other mechanism than the hinge, and the inconvenient fact that the side surfaces are lower lets you leave your computer on the desk surface when you close it, but are probably a pain to work with. However compared to so many other transformer desks we have shown, this one is so simple and could be cheap.

zelos desk opened photo

From the ClassiCon site:

A good idea doesn't take up much space — just a piece of paper or a laptop. Christoph Böninger's Zelos secretary desk reflects this reduction to the essentials. With its pared-down elegance, it meets all the functional requirements of the 21st-century laptop generation. Opening or closing the "black box" marks the beginning or end of work with a small ritual act. The leather writing surface perfects the sensual pleasure of letting one's thoughts roam at this delightful workplace.

Foldout secretary desk with side compartments and a drawer. Additional storage space, cable outlet. Core leather desk pad. Body in high-gloss black or white lacquer, frame of chromium-plated steel. ::Classicon via ::Unplugged
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