Yves Behar's Fuseproject Creates Crystal Chandeliers With Just One Crystal

fuseproject crystal chandelier light photoImages: fuseproject

You sort of have to adore a person who thinks he can do any and everything. Yves Behar is that sort of fellow. Fuseproject, Behar's San Francisco-based design studio, has given birth to the Jawbone Bluetooth headset, the One Laptop Per Child, a devastatingly fast electric motorcycle, a trendy bike helmet, hackable automobile designs, and eco-friendly underwear, to skim a few examples off the top. But lighting was one of Behar's early loves, and fuseproject's new AMPLIFY project carries forward that love of light. Striving to create a crystal chandelier with only one crystal, AMPLIFY was born as a way to refract light and create a crystalline effect with minimal materials.fuseproject crystal chandelier light photo

To create AMPLIFY, fuseproject linked up with Swarovski to create six lamp designs, each playing off the geometry of cut crystal. In each piece, a faceted paper shade envelopes a single crystal, illuminated by an LED light. Debuting at Salone del Mobile, all six shapes (which ship flat) will go into production "in the next year" and be available from Swarovski.

fuseproject crystal chandelier light photo

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