Your office is in your car

Steven Johnson office
© Steven M. Johnson

On TreeHugger we often talk about how work is changing; I have written a whole series on how tech so small that your office is in your pants. Twenty-five years ago it was not so easy if you wanted to work on the move. Steven M. Johnson imagined this office in a car and challenges us to spot the details in the drawing that indicate it was drawn in 1990.

It had all those things that you needed then but don't now, including fax machines, printers with tractor feed paper and a file cabinet. I was surprised to see dual laptop computers but looked up on the old computer net and see they were indeed around; the NEC Ultralitewas the first to be called a notebook and it came out in 1988. The dual setup is surprising this stuff was really expensive then. So expensive that the steel shutter makes a whole lot of sense.

But even Steven M. Johnson couldn't foresee this coming, the miniaturization of everything so that it fits in your phone. Look at this Radio Shack ad from 1991; there isn't a thing on it that you cannot do now on your phone. A whole car full of stuff. Now, you can put your office on your bike.

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Your office is in your car
Steven M. Johnson shows how the well-equipped mobile worker got around twenty-five years ago.

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