Your Dream Beach House: Clean Powered, Water Saving Condos in Brazil

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Photos: Next Project.
Conceito Next, a project for a new condominium in Brazilian beach destination Florianopolis is announced as the first to incorporate wind power for residential use. The project is located in the Novo Campeche region, and will have clean energy, water saving technology and more.The project will incorporate two large vertical axis wind turbines and solar panels, which will provide all energy used to heat the water used in the 24 apartments. No fossil fuels will be used for this purpose.

The condos will have rainwater collection and a sewage system that reuses water achieving a 50% reduction from the amount the building would use normally, and will respect other green practices like use of certified wood and water based paint will also be

Additionally, according to developers, all CO2 emissions from the building will be compensated with the planting of trees.

Wind Turbines at Next Project Homes in Florianopolis, Brazil Image

Even though the images of the building make it look like it's on the beach --which kind of freaked me out, it's located behind a green preservation area and complies with environmental conservation laws.

Location of Next Wind/Solar Powered Homes in Florianopolis, Brazil Image

Conceito Next sounds like a step in the right direction, though it falls a little short. Apart from using renewable energy only for water heating, it is basically another isolated green project (16 kilometers to downtown, 10 to universities, for example) that no matter how eco might sound, fails to incorporate the basic most important sustainability concept of all: being close to everything you need to avoid the use of a car all the time.

As a beach house, though, it sounds greener than an independent traditional house and you do have some attractions like bars, restaurants and malls nearby, as Novo Campeche is a planned neighborhood.

The project is scheduled to be finished in 2012.

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