Young British Designers Take Over ICFF (Video)



A flying squad of young British designers showed off some innovative uses of unusual materials, from cardboard to plastic spoons to cutlery, demonstrating that designers can work with just about anything.

Chun-wei Liao presented a coffee table and stool made from cardboard that is shipped flatpack, then assembled to suit the tastes of the owner. He explains in the video below.

Chun-wei explains the table and lamp. More information at oaddx


Adhocism in action from Ali Siavoshi, who makes a chandelier out of flatware, called
"hungry". More on adhocism, and more on Ali Siavoshi


Min Hoo Park presented the "UFO Champagne Table" with its "onw detachable champagne cooler with a set of tapas plate attached and positioned as part of the cooler"


My photography is so terrible that I have borrowed this one from MocoLoco's earlier coverage.

Min Hoo Park demonstrates. But have I not seen this before?


Yes. New York designer Jeewon Jung did a very similar exercise, shown in TreeHugger two years ago.

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