You'll Never Think About "Energy Savings" The Same Way Again


In the same vein as Scott Amron's "Off" light switch, where you have to pick between hanging up your jacket or turning on the light, comes "Energy Savings," a design-as-art statement that changes a standard light switch from consumption to conservation. It gives new meaning to the term "energy savings," and it's one of the most interesting piggy banks we've ever seen.

It's half of the "Covers" project by Boiler Design, conceived as a way to rethink our interaction with energy on the consumer end. Hit the jump to see the second half of the project. ::Boiler Design via ::Apartment Therapy


Part two of the "Covers" project answers the question, "What use is an electrical plug when your not plugged in?" Two simple tabs on the ends of a standard cover plate hopefully remind you to unplug unused electronics, and create a handy place to put the plugs when they aren't in use.

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