You Too Can Own a C3 Cabin by Vandeventer+Carlander Architects


One problem with good architecture is that it usually only one person gets it; unlike a nice industrial design that gets mass produced, architecture is conventionally a one-off. Some architects like Greg Lavardera are trying to break this mold by designing houses that are sold as plans; others are catching on and offering plans of successful designs built previously.

Vandeventer+Carlander Architects built the 352 square foot Camano Cabin way back in 1999; it got exposure again as a 2006 AIA/Sunset Magazine Merit award. They are now selling plans for it, relabelled the C3 Cabin. This is a difficult step for an architect; the dreaded liability insurance company looks askance. Documents come covered with capital letters screaming lack of ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, SATISFACTORY QUALITY, NONINFRINGEMENT OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE; That's not your usual architect talk.


It is a shame that architects don't do this more often; particularly with modern architecture, it gives people comfort to see pictures and know what they are buying. Plans are also cheaper than hiring the architect for full service; V+C are selling these for $ 2,000.


From the architects: "The design of this cabin was premised on three goals. First, to provide the required spaces for an extended stay cabin within a minimal footprint. Second, provide a quality of space and abundant natural daylight typically not found in this size of structure. And third, to allow for simplicity of construction and maintenance.". The ground floor contains the main living space, kitchen and bath with the sleeping loft capping both the kitchen and bathroom. The exterior materials, fiber cement and metal panels, were chosen for initial low cost and minimal maintenance over time; "both materials are not affected by mold, water absorption or bug infestation, requiring only periodic washing based on the cabins site conditions.".


::Vandeventer+Carlander Architects via ::MocoLoco

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