You CAN Take It With You: William Warren's Shelves For Life

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For those who say "you can't take it with you" William Warren says otherwise. He is "a conceptual designer, a lateral thinker and a joker. His designs engage with people and ask them to rethink the objects around them."

He certainly demonstrates it with his "shelves for life, a project to further explore ideas of built-in sentimentality within our possessions. The aim is to make stronger emotional relationships with our belongings and encourage life-long use. "

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The designer writes:

A solid plywood set of floor standing shelves are designed to last you a lifetime. Then, when your time arrives, the shelves can be taken apart and reassembled as a coffin. " The shelves simply have the potential to be a coffin in the future. We are all going to die and we will all need a coffin, so why not make your coffin from something you have owned for years and save your bereaved family from having to choose one (and pay for one) at an already difficult time?"

What could be more sensible and green? London Metropolitan University and William Warren, via the Design Blog.

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