Yotel No-Tell Hotel


Modelled after the little capsule hotel rooms (which we recently saw featured on Comedy Central and Dave Attell's "Insomniac", in the cleverly named "Sloshed in Translation" episode) so popular in Tokyo, U.K. entrepreneurial company Yo! has introduced the idea for the Yotel ::YotelThe Japanese, of course, are forced into spatial economy, but the trend appears to be catching on in London, where the first, posh pod hotel was recently unveiled at a design show. These hotels with pod rooms (still a lot bigger than the Japanese version) are an upward (and not especially fiscally economical) trend that's catching on, but overall, it's efficient, and that's good news to us. In Japan, these little rooms (see below) are used as perfect stopover spots for when you've been over-served, your girlfriend's freakin', or you're traveling light. They are super basic, barely big enough to roll over in, and have TVs, shades, and a mattress and pillow; and overall, they sort of look like Laundromats. In London, Yotels will be much cushier, certainly roomier, and promise to be more of an everyone's-doing-it type thing. Still, they're smaller than giant suites and that counts for something. £70 per night in London; ¥3,000-4,000 (about $25-35) per night in Tokyo.