YOLO Colorhouse Goes Outside to Play


YOLO Colorhouse takes its environmentally sensitive aesthetic outside with its new line of zero-VOC, Green Seal-certified exterior paint, designed to account for the changes in natural light over the course of a day.

"Our process for developing the colors included tweaking them for full sunlight as well as shade," explains Lowe, the company's co-founder, in a press release. "We experimented with each hue by applying them on all the sides of a little outdoor structure, now called 'the Color Shed,' and observed how the colors changed throughout the course of the day."

The result: A select palette of 36 colors, divided into six distinct families with names like Ocean, Desert, and Prairie. The 100 percent acrylic, weather-resistant formulation is available in three sheens: velvet flat, satin, and semi gloss, at $13.95 per quart and $41.95 per gallon. ::YOLO Colorhouse

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YOLO Colorhouse Goes Outside to Play
"Our process for developing the