Trophy Bicycle Holders Double as Decorative Antlers

yellow bull© outlineworks

When you live in a small space and have to bring your bike inside, it can be a problem. The designers at Outlineworks answer the questions, "Tired of your house looking like a bike garage? Tired of fighting past bikes in your hallway and living room?" with their Trophy Bicycle Holders.

Caroline at Designmilk nails the real benefits.

deer© Outlineworks

Kill two birds with one stone with these Trophy Bicycle Holders – an animal head trophy for your wall that also doubles as a way to store your bike. It’s really a triple win because no animals were harmed in the making of these nifty devices.

brick wall© outlineworks

We have shown a lot of ways to hang your bike on a wall, and quite a few of them look odd when the bike isn't there. That's why this one is interesting; when the bike is out, it looks like a piece of bent wire a mounted a moose or bull. More at OutlineWorks, cheap at 79 pounds, or about U.S. $127.

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