Trophy Bicycle Holders Double as Decorative Antlers

When you live in a small space and have to bring your bike inside, it can be a problem. The designers at Outlineworks answer the questions, "Tired of your house looking like a bike garage? Tired of fighting past bikes in your hallway and living room?" with their Trophy Bicycle Holders.

Caroline at Designmilk nails the real benefits.

Kill two birds with one stone with these Trophy Bicycle Holders – an animal head trophy for your wall that also doubles as a way to store your bike. It’s really a triple win because no animals were harmed in the making of these nifty devices.

We have shown a lot of ways to hang your bike on a wall, and quite a few of them look odd when the bike isn't there. That's why this one is interesting; when the bike is out, it looks like a piece of bent wire a mounted a moose or bull. More at OutlineWorks, cheap at 79 pounds, or about U.S. $127.

Trophy Bicycle Holders Double as Decorative Antlers
Here comes another clever space-saving way to hang a bike on a wall.

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