Yahoo! Wants You to Be a Green Icon


What graphic symbolizes "green" to you? The green arrows of the recycling sign? Or some other green certification, like the organic symbol? Yahoo! is looking for a new green icon to help signify and flag greener things you can do all over their network of sites -- "everything from making green purchases to finding the most fuel-efficient cars" -- and is giving away some cash as an incentive; $30,000 in total, to go to the winners' favorite environmental charity. Says their blog, "You don’t have to be a professional to design an icon. You just have to make a clear, strong visual sign for 'green' and send it in. The chosen design will be seen possibly billions of times on Yahoo!’s product pages, by a global audience of more than 500 million people..." wow! They're accepting designs until September 18, and then their global audience will vote and pick the winner, which will be announced on September 26. All the details and further info, including how to submit your entry, is here, so once you're able to get over the possibility of your design getting eyed billions of times, put pen to paper and good luck! ::Yahoo!'s Be a Green Icon and ::Yahoo! Anecdotal